~Happy Birthday To You Dear Mohini ~

by - Friday, January 13, 2012

Wishing Our Dear Mohini A Very Happy Birthday!

Purity of hearts,
Believe of trust...
Made Us Together!
                            Soothing presence,
                            Missing an absence...
                            Made Us Together!

Whatever the reason,
It's of pain or rejoice;
We share whether our heart cry or smile,
Feeling of oneness...
Made Us Together!

                           A friend we found in you,
                           You filled us with fulfillment that was due ,
                           Knock at each other heart's door,
                           Integrating life with sweetness depleting the sour...
                           Made Us Together!

Days pass along with our talks,
Opened the diary that was lock from so long,
We are so lucky to have you
Oh Wow!we are top in this luckiest crew

                         It's like a power of three,
                         Power of FAITH : enriches every path with grace;
                         Power of LOVE :cherishes every heart and praise;
                         Power of UNITY : behold us together unbreakable lace;

Binding all into one makes a sweet relation,
That feels like soothing sensation and makes beautiful impression,
Sorrow or joy;no one could cut or destroy the strong roots of our amity,
An oath to never leave alone ever...
Made Us Together!

                        The day has come so special to our dear Mohini,
                        Won so many hearts by her sweet loving hearty symphony,
                        How can we forget to wish you...
                        You're our star;
                         We love you...

It's your day,Dear Mohu
May your all dreams come true!

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11 Token to this Friendship

  1. SPEECHLESS.........warm hugs to you all..:) LOVE YOU LIKE our KRISHNA....Never read such a lovely poem.....no words no words my dear angels...no words my dear angels

  2. Hai Mohini.. Happy Birthday!!!... And wow what a sweet birthday gift.. you people are rocking...

    Someone is Special

  3. Lovely.....

    i wish this team get along together same way......and a very happy b'day to Mohinee.....

    Best wishes,

  4. You are a great fnd simran:)

    Convey my wishes too.

  5. wonderful!!!!sim sim:) Happyyyy birthday to uuuu mohineee

  6. Happy birthday to your friend Mohineee ... many many happy returns of the day


  7. lovely poem. again Happy Birthday Mohini. cherish life experiencing all the flavors of life.

  8. Hello Simran.
    You continually astound me with your generosity. Keep it up dear one...you have a blessed heart.

    Congratulations to Mohinee on her special day. May it be filled with much happiness, laughter, cake & most importantly love!

  9. I love it when you collaborate with each other. The poem became more powerful and beautiful :)Congratulations~

    Happy Birthday Mohi :*

  10. Mohinee,
    Something must be special for Special Ones..Right?
    Love you!
    Best wishes...Stay Smiling!

    Someone is Special,
    Thank you :D

    Thank you so much for the wishes :)

    Sure dear!
    Thank you..

    Thanks Swt Geets!
    My Enchant! ;)

    Thank you Dear :)

  11. fantasy in practicality ,
    Thanks Sanchi :)

    Will keep making you amaze ,Andy Dear :D
    Thank you!

    So happy to know that!
    Thanks Dear One :)


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