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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Heart Attack

She sent a text on WhatsApp to her. “Rishab, I am having a strange pain in the left side of my chest, and feeling breathless. Could you please come to Express Avenue immediately?

Rishab, being a doctor and a close friend of Niharika, texted her. “I’ll be there in five minutes. Drink some water and sit under a fan, or maybe, stand near a window to get some fresh air.

Rishab sped up his bike to EA, which is three kilometres away from his home. He checked his phone for her response, but there was nothing. It increased his blood pressure. He might be a doctor by profession; still he had a heart that cared for her and blood that boiled under pressure.
Rishab reached the mall in about ten minutes. He parked the bike on the road in jiffy, and ran to the entrance calling her on mobile phone. She did not pick up the phone. It increased the pressure inside.

As soon as he entered the mall, he was surprised to see an empty mall and all the lights were turned off. He could not find a single human being inside the mall. He stood there confused in disbelief. A little kid came from behind, held his hand and gave him a red-colored paper.

It’s a Heart Attack baby!” was written on it. He smiled, turned around to thank the little girl, but she was not there. For a moment, he doubted if she was real or not. Lights flashed suddenly from a showroom. It was Sony’s. Around 16 HDTV’s flashed “Happy Valentine’s Day Doc!

He could not react. He called Niharika on her mobile phone. Neither she picked up the call nor did he hear the ringtone. A red colored arrow shot from nowhere stopped before him pointing the escalator. The sidelights switched ON and displayed arrow mark in the direction of Café Coffee Day.

He walked faster than he usually do towards Café Coffee Day. The doors opened automatically, but it was completely dark inside. A focus light from top fell on him first, then another light fell on Niharika, dressed up in red colored sheath party dress that ran from the bottom of her toes to the top of her chest and hugged her curves to elegance. The one-shoulder strap bodice adorned with heart shaped embellishments had drowned from the left side waistline in front. A small heart-shaped diamond pendant hanged from a think platinum chain around her neck, sparkling diamond-studded earrings dangled on her ears, and her radiant face gleamed in the focus light. Before her, a large heart-shaped strawberry-flavored cake was kept on the table.

She spoke in a husky voice. “I am having a strange feeling in the left side of my chest. It must be...” She paused. He walked up to her and completed her sentence. “Love!

She went down on one knee, took out the sparkling diamond ring, and said, “I am breathless. Will you be my breathe?

I am and I will be… forever!” He said and kissed her on lips for a minute.

The entire mall became colorful. Almost close to two hundred people started clapping, Niharika and Rishab cut the cake happily, marking the start of a wonderful journey of love on Valentine’s Day. The bolder the better!

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Monday, January 05, 2015

Only Lust?

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She believed him to be her Soulmate and praised him like a God. They were each other's ideal until the day he discovered that she had a girl in her womb. He lashed hard on her stomach. She wailed in pain holding it tight with care. Did he promise of only lust with no love?  

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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

My resolution 2015

With the end of this year we are to move to another venture, a new year. All of us have fair resolutions to be better than we are. I looked back just to discover the points and ends I need to change and rediscover. The first thing that clicked my mind was a tablet. Most of my friends have Micromax Canvas Tab P666. The sleek body of 7.9 mm of Puritan White color. Ah! my craving to have a large screen. So, to have a Micromax Canvas Tab P666 is one among my 2015 resolutions. I want to enlighten this coming year and so, I made sure if it stands best for me.

With the advancement of technology our lives have become more dependent on gadgets. Somehow they have become a possession and a thing of self esteem when it comes to smart phones and tablets. 
Everyday I have to do long journey to reach at my workplace. During these hours where all are busy with their smart phones and tablets I am all bored and tired. I wish to kill this boredom by buying myself a Canvas Tab P666.

 I am a book lover who has not read a book in past 5 months, a blogger; who has not written even a single post this year and a gamer . Due to hectic schedule I find it hard to follow my interests. With my new tab it would be fun to journey and I will be fresh throughout the day. Yes, throughout the day, I need not worry about charging because it has a strong 4400mAh battery  and 325 hours stand by time. I have so many calls to attend from clients and luckily it has 15 hours talk time.  Isn't it fantastic?

More to this, it has Android KitKat OS. I have a great interest in photography. While travelling there are many things I wish to capture but with no camera or a smartphone I keep my this desire within. Micromax Cancas Tab has 1080p HD video with this I would be able to shoot travelling videos and 5 MP rear camera. It has 2MP front camera too and I will easily take my cool selfie and share with my friends on social networking sites. I can stay connected all the time with an efficient internet speed because it has 3g connectivity and wi-fi. It has all apps pre loaded with ample storage of 8GB RAM.

The smart look it has is incomparable. Rich graphic and fashionable at the same time. It has all advanced features at a cheaper rate as compared to other tablets. It just stand taller and most promising. 
It has all advanced features that I wished to have

What else do we need?

Here is a demo of this cool tab. Watch this video to see the highlights and to know more. 

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Sunday, December 28, 2014

#Will You Shave 4

Suryansh, who had been a great scholar of his time, an all rounder and down to earth being live next to my door.  I make good understanding with elders rather with people of my age group. Soon, we were good friends. We use to play, share experiences and debate on various issues that helped me to know the world beyond my books. As I said above, he’s an all rounder but at one point he lacked- How to impress ‘Her’.

Sim, please help me …please! Tomorrow is my date with her. We’ll meet after a longtime and would say everything what I feel for her but as always I need your help to make my final execution.  He gave a demo how he’ll be expressing his intense love for her in limited words. I corrected his words and style at a few places. 
All of sudden, I said something I wanted to say to him just after he told me everything.

‘’72% women think that clean shaven men smell good. They don’t like smelly unhygienic stubble’’ 
If you’d go like this on your date she won’t even like to sit with you. That off his mood! Being true to him I’d to say that knowing how much possessive he is for his beard and moustache. #WillYouShave?

Initially he denied my request but after my long explanations he agreed with his half heart. He has faith on me and my advice. 

Next day he came directly to me after his date. His broad smile was enough to say everything.
Congratulations Bhai!
You know what did she say? I look smarter than before.''My clean shaven look bowled her over.''  She loves me too. You’re always right Sim! All credit goes to you. Thank you.

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Thursday, December 18, 2014

An amazing travel journey with my kids

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In this fast paced life we all are engrossed with our works so much that we realize it when a day is actually end. By then, a new day waits in a queue to be dealt in the same mechanic way. Amidst of responsibilities we forget how to enjoy and relish life's moments. In that monotonous life adventure seems to be lost somewhere. Here is what my mom says and I too strongly believe in this- 
 A life lived monotonously 
has no value until and unless
it has experiences of adventure 

It was enough of living inside the four walls and work day and night. I needed a break and change of air. I had heard a lot from my friends about Kathmandu, Nepal scenic beauty and so I asked Daljeet to plan a trip to Kathmandu this summer vacations. At first he wasn't so interested but when our elder son Amanjyot, ten years old pleaded in his most cutest possible expressions to take us on this trip. Daljeet couldn't deny anymore. Amanjyot being a responsible brother was happily ready to the take responsibility of his five years old sister, Manpreet. 

On June 05, 2014 we had our flight from Lucknow to Kathmandu. It was Amanjyot's first ever flight. He was so excited and was smiling throughout the journey whereas our little Manpreet came half of the way sleeping. We reached there by the next day in the morning. We all got fresh and had our breakfast. Daljeet bought and travel guide of Kathmandu and we were ready to explore the city.

 We decided to visit the famous hindu temple, Pashupatinath which is dedicated to Lord Shiva and his manifestation. Pashupatinath temple stands in the center of the town of Deopatan. River Bagmati flows next to the temple which is considered to be highly religious. Daljeet and I were happy to see Amanjyot and Manpreet listening the guide with attentive ears. Amanjyot was eager to see the Bagmati river and discover more about it so we got there to see the sacred river flowing.

The Pashupatinath Temple : Image source- here

The next we visited to Swayambhu temple which is the most ancient of all the holy shrines in Kathmandu. 

Swayambhu temple : Image source- here
This time surprisingly our little daughter Manpreet showed her curiosity about the place's name. I explained her Swayambhu means self created. I perceived her next question and to escape from that I showed her Buddha's beautiful statue at the stairway of Swayambhunath Stupa. She was smiling in wonder.

Stairway of Swayambhunath StupaImage source- here
Swayambhunath stupa is also called the `Monkey Temple' because of the many hundreds of monkeys who scamper about the temple at night after the pilgrims and priests have departed.

Daljeet and I were tired but kids were in full spirits. They wanted more to explore. We had our lunch and headed towards our next destination which was full of luxuries, royal and grand. None other than Casio - hotel yak and yeti.  We forgot all our tiredness as soon as we reached there. The building was beautifully constructed in King's style. To do our welcome there was a long red velvet carpet, special arrangement of music at the door, those beautiful lights were altogether a dream like scene.  

We were ready to try our luck at casino. There were a huge gathering of people. Variety of food, drink, music and interests. I wished if we could come here every Sunday evening but all we had this day and I didn't want to miss it anyway. We played the game and won some 5K. I was excited to play more so that I can use that amount for my shopping but Daljeet wasn't in support to take a risk anymore and let go the earned amount .Manpreet was too tired by now. She was crying aloud which was quite embarrassing but when her elder brother showed her candies she was again smiling though sleepy. The next day we did shopping, traveled in some more parts.It was a fun filled trip with my kids and dear husband.