''Friends Uplift The Soul…''

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Gosh! The Gabble Girl

Just a few days back 
I met a gabble girl 
And discovered 
Gossip is her only art 
Enough to make you swirl 
She and her ceaseless babbles 
Doesn't care of what you think 
Oblivious to what you feel
You will laugh at her light humor
Only till the time you're not at her wink!
''Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall
You are fatty ,short and droll''
''I am pink, you are blue
I am sweet, you are phew!''
''Season of reasons come and go
Your cacophony voice like crow'' 
She will laugh at your attire 
and every little thing 
Unlike us, she didn't give 
a second thought before she utter
When one tries to stop her 
She acclaim 'Right to Expression'
Tragic is, her seriousness is mistaken 
but not her gabble!
I asked, how do you get so much to speak?
Does speaking gives you ATP?? :p
Her smiling face turned dull
I looked into her aggressive eyes
Gabble is an art,She said.
I can speak anything and everything 
Can share the hardest of realities 
and ease off pain within a moment
But you can not!
You'll think over again and again
Being deliberate you stress and strain
Be with me I'll teach you

Can we be friends Humpty Dumpty??

Composed for A to Z challenge 

Monday, April 07, 2014

Fred, the Fly

I am just another being 
Dwelling on this wandering star 
I know, you're not interested  
Still I will precede, spar!

Last word doesn't justify me 
Sweet, defines me better. No?
I am Fred, a fly
Don't raise up your brow

My wings flutter with grace
Drifts towards wherever it likes
A new venture to take 
Cannot resist myself to hike

Who does not love temptation?
No different in my case
It feels good to see
a kid trying to embrace

Perhaps, my presence disturbs you
But then, I don't bother
Because you never did for me
Sweet music interrupt your slumber 

Do you know reason behind?
Though humans are the wisest 
Yet they are so oblivious 
 To remember, an aura, brightest 

A  mere planet of garbage
 earth would be without me
Every creation of the God 
Has some reason. Let me live with glee 

Composed for A to Z Challenge 

Saturday, April 05, 2014


Entangle in the materialism web
Time comes, I seek solitary
For a sigh of relief 
Envisage gives rise to poetry

A thousands of thoughts induce
 fascinate over a sudden discovery 
I get back to myself
With the feel of recovery 

Once a poetry is composed
 blooms as a magnificent flower
Flourishes its fragrance of meaning
Once it takes birth becomes immortal

Composed for A to Z Challenge

Friday, April 04, 2014

Dragon Drubble

Out of my bedtime stories
On a one fine day 
A real wild dragon confronted
His eyes searching for prey

I was alone and scared
 hugged my teddy in despair
My heart skipped its beat 
Giant beast came with blare  

Mom says, smile at fear
 I smiled through my eyes
Soon his anger eluded away
He looked calm and wise   

I asked out his name
To which he answered, Drubble
His voice was so grave
I insisted, I won't trouble 

Even I won't. He said
Your innocence calms me down
I need a promising friend
Please accept. Do not frown

Dear Drubble, I promise you
I will be there always
Vow, you won't come out
People will kill you, flay 

Composed for A to Z Challenge

Thursday, April 03, 2014


Dipped in cream milk
Blend with cocoa
Icing of caramel 
Rich with nuts,crackle
and dry fruits
Conquer my will and
 dwindle my fortitude 
for weight loss
Whenever it comes 
to my sight I can't resist 
to adrift myself willingly 
into its heavenly aroma
When it melts into my mouth
I slurp my tongue all around
And close eyes in delight 
so as to concentrate on
my only ''possession obsession''
I devour and savor it bit by bit 
not wanting to end our
scrumptiously sweet kissing ;)

Composed for A to Z Challenge