Saturday, August 01, 2015

A Second Chance

Today's APED prompt is "Second Chance". I have written "55 words fiction" based on one of my most memorable school days experiences. 

"Anusha, your lunch box!" screamed mom. I looked at my wrist watch, it was 7:15 AM. I rode my bicycle as hard as I could. Panting and sweating.  Gaurd uncle who's fond of me, smiled and said "You're late. Relax until the prayer is over". I prayed for myself to be given a second chance.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015


The postman came with a letter. Ten years had been passed in a wait and when I gave up every hope, it came like a savior. I’d never expected that my only son, Rohan would change to become a stranger for his own dad who loved him more than himself. I ran towards the gate though my feet refused, almost wilted. As I opened to read it, a strange fear enveloped me. It wasn’t from Rohan but from my wife, Simran, whom I had murdered exactly ten years back from today. Her innocent wrinkled face appeared before me. I gasped.

Word Count: 100

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Book Review: 1st Job and 10 Mistakes by Uttam Kumar

My Review: 

''1st Job and 10 Mistakes'' by Uttam Kumar is a guide book for people who are to get their first job and tips on how to make a judicious use of first salary.  The author has discussed about ten very common mistakes that we usually commit in the beginning of professional life. Those are Loan for Loan; here author has shared an example from his real life encounter with a friend, who took loan after loans to pay previous one and how he was held up with six loans from six different banks. I wanted to know what solution the author suggested him that helped him get out of the situation  in 24 months. First Get First Join, talks on a very relevant ground. It's quite common to see people working in a field different from their qualification. The job offer might seem good but it proves to be a deal of loss in a long run. Stop Learning; with the first job in hand one becomes reluctant to learn new things. The author has suggested to keep ourselves updated with new technology and to read at least two magazines related to your respective field. You can't sit being dependent on your destiny solely. Goal Planning; our parents and teachers keep telling us about the importance of goal planning. Without goals we are simply a wanderer. Goals give us the reference points which show whether we are on the right path with right speed or if we need to take corrective measures. The books also talks about Equity Market, SpEaR theory (Spend, Earn and Repay), Credit cards, Launch paid, No goals and tracking.

The author's approach was quite nice to guide the youngsters but I felt he couldn't do justice to his book. At many places he has discussed about the problems he encountered in his case or the others' but he hasn't shared the complete details which makes it less convincing. Also, I felt the book cover is comic-like rather than a sophisticated one. I hope the author works well one his weak points and come up with something better for the readers with his upcoming books.

About the Author: 

Uttam Kumar has a Master degree in Mathematics. He has had a liking for writing since his childhood but ''First Job and 10 mistakes'' is his first published work. His upcoming books include, ''The Moment of Truth'' and ''Recruitment Hijacked''. You can email him at

Book Details: 
Title: 1st Job and 10 Mistakes
Authors: Uttam Kumar
Genre: Self-help
Type: Paperback
Publisher: Author's Ink Publishers
Language: English
Pages: 46
Year of Publication: 2015
Price: 100 INR

Blurb: 2/5
Description: 2/5
Writing Style: 3/5
Editing: 3/5
Book Cover: 2/5
Overall Rating: 2.5/5

Take it easy...

Motilal was a hawker at Kasturi railway station. He was a hard-working man. It was high time to get his eldest daughter, Anita married. Motilal had no savings so, he robbed. Guilt overtook him with fear. On the day of marriage, police arrested Motilal. He wanted to die there in shame, he yelled. His son-in-law held his hand and assured that he will marry Anita and get him bailed soon and that he still respected him. Motilal was touched, in tears. Dad, “Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive.”said Raghav. Motilal blessed him.

Word count: 100