by - Monday, March 14, 2011

Written By My Grandmother  SWARN KAUR:).
Seeing my poems on blog she insisted me to post her poem also :D

कोयल तेरी बोली प्यारी ,
फिर तू   कित कारण है काली 
पियो पियो करते युग है बीते ,
फिर भी तुने  आस न हारी तेरे अंतर की पीड़ा बिरहा की छाली,
हुए निराश ह्रदय मे तू एक अटल विश्वाश जगाती 
तेरे मर्म की भेद मै जानी तू है बिरहा जालन काली 

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  1. बहुत हि सुंदर बहुत अद्भूत कोयल की बोली की तऱ्ह मिठी :)

  2. कला तो कान्हा भी था, पर फिर भी सभी गोपियों के हृदय में बसता था... :D

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  3. @Anshul
    Same with Koyal Bird too :D

  4. how sweet....n mujhe hindi padhne ko hua n samajh bhi aayi...:)...

  5. Tell your Granny, she can start a blog too!

    Nice poem Simran. Please pass this onto your granny.

    my fav line - niraash hriday mein atal vishwaas jagaathi.

  6. Dadi ko bolna behot hee sunder poem hai. :)

  7. wow!!!
    now i know from where you got talent....talented granddaughter of grandmother...

    tell her she should write more and start a blog too...and I am sure you would help her on this...

  8. thats an omg poem written by ur grandmom.. as alz happy said ask to ur granny that she sud also start a blog

  9. बहुत ही अच्छे शब्द है ! अच्छा लगा आपका पोस्ट ! हवे अ गुड डे
    मेरे ब्लॉग पर आए !
    Music Bol
    Lyrics Mantra
    Shayari Dil Se

  10. सुंदर और सारपूर्ण रचना .दादी जी को सलाम

  11. lovely poem and please extend my regards to your grand ma..

    Heres wishing we get to read plenty more of these lovely poems


  12. .....:)

    plz convey my sincere Regards to your Grand mother.....


  13. great work, and very deep indeed...
    liked it..:):):)...

  14. Actually am not that good at Hindi Simran...
    Can read and understand to some extent...:]
    understood some lines here and there...

    As far as I understood...Poem is very beautiful...with cute rhymings...

    Convey my regards to your Grandma!

  15. A big Thanks to all of you :D
    And blessings of my Granny to you all. She is very happy that you all liked her poem.As many of you asked her to do blogging. So, I have decided to post her poems here only with her name time to time along with my posts :).

    Keep Smiling :)

  16. Hey simo
    after the last comment i gave up on your blog you said something in return :P
    Darling i have been reading all your post..just that wasn't able to comment on all..look at the pace how fast your imagination is flowing so i am a bit slow..sorry simo :)

    And your grandmother has written such a beautiful piece :)


  17. amazing vocab in hindi.. u must try to publish ur poems somewhere. truly admirable..! :)

  18. oops! dis poem belongs to ur grand ma! gud to knw u posted ur grand ma's poems too.. ur's, too, r really beautifully pearl-studded poems.. hats off to u..:)

  19. Your grandma is really good Simran...No doubt you are so good too!!!
    Give my regards :)

  20. @Snehu
    Oh,I was not knowing about..
    It's ok dear don't feel sorry.
    Thank You so much
    Take care too :)

  21. @Monu Awalla
    Welcome On my blog
    Thanks :)

  22. @Poonam
    Thank You so much Dear :)


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