by - Thursday, April 05, 2018

 The curtains close once again
I hold my breath and bite nails
Wanting to take back my steps
But it's too late by now!
For that micro seconds when I'd closed eyes
The curtains were cleared off the stage
I curse my best friend who forced me
and here I'm, standing all alone to recite poetry
What if I stuck in the middle?
What if people would mock at me after all this?
a thousand pairs of eyes staring at me
expecting me to speak out something 
a drop of sweat drips down through my chin
I begin, fumbling and still trying to look confident
my legs are shivering uncontrollably and heartbeats racing
by now my body has lost all its senses
as soon as I finish the last few words ''beat your fears''
in my heart something I realize and smile

Never knew back then, a hall echoing with applause
would suppress my hesitation, awkwardness and fear
for once and forever   

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2 Token to this Friendship

  1. It takes just that one time to overcome the stage fright forever my dear and I am glad your did it ♥️


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