5 tips to have a healthy heart

by - Wednesday, April 04, 2018

I was sitting on the steps at the doorway
Sad, hurt and lost, everything seemed grey
Why it happened? Why to me? What did I do?
 Something has happened of which I had no clue

Why are you so silent today? Is everything alright?
Grandma wiped off my tears and hugged me tight
 I shook my head and miserably blurted, ''I had a fight''.
Don't lose heart, believe in your conviction of wrong and right   

I never thought Resa would leave me for a better friend
That impossibility of a beautiful friendship like ours would ever end
''Grandma, it feels heavy, weak and broken''. I want to evade the dark
Look here, listen to me. I'll give you 5 tips to have a healthy heart

in this journey of inhale and exhale
life will surprise, shock and challenge you
it would never stay constant
fretting would consume your agility
mold yourself and Move Ahead

there would be umpteen occasions
when your heart and mind would stay at violence
maybe your mind would take over your heart
and the house of cards you arranged would fall apart
but do not ever Regret

 everything, wrong and right, good and bad
has it's own reason and inevitable facade
 in this world where one has everything more than want
there are many, to whom hunger, diseases and sleeplessness haunts
being Grateful to little things is something this human race needs to address

it's good and wise to keep a few things to yourself
but concealing everything would overburden
express your love, affection, anger and pain
it's better to fight and make things clear than spoiling relations
do not keep Grudges 

smile and laughter has no language other than love
smile when you see a kid, an old man or even a stranger
it can mend up things for someone for just those few seconds
laugh hard and never shy at it, it's a chain that multiplies
Smile and Laugh a little more, you would shine and rise  


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