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by - Friday, June 03, 2016

I count cars to be the biggest fascination during my childhood days. My almirah used to be filled with toy cars of all possible sort, color and design. The collection grew day after day and so the pride of it's owner. Hours and days would pass staring at the minute details but not my curiosity and interest in them. Everyone already knew how to please me - by gifting yet another toy car. As I grew up, I explored more cars, the real ones. Their functioning, design, features and the technology used. It would be not wrong to say that I had started seeing my dream career to be an automobile engineer.

It's lately that I have been looking for a car to finally buy for myself. When one has a deep knowledge about 'to be bought' product it becomes quite difficult to make a choice. I went through hundreds of car brands and their models but the only car which caught my attention was Datsun redi-GO from the very reliable- Nissan. In this write-up I will share the best three features of Datsun redi-GO which are surely going to overwhelm and amaze you.

  • Modern outside and Classy inside: It's quite rare to find the duo as it is stylish and sporty at the same time. The outlook has been given a touch of silver which makes it look sophisticated. The smooth and dynamic side character lines are sure to take away your heart. It has distinct high stance which helps you to have a wider view of the road while driving. It has 'ground clearance' which means it would help to overcome the little obstacle like uneven road and little objects on the street. It has projector headlamps and tail lamp which turns itself as you per you drive. Isn't that amazing? Being a family person and a passionate traveler it is my deepest concern to adjust all the members along with the luggage. Luckily Datsun redi-GO has a spacious interior which can accommodate up to five people. It has a stylish dash layout with digital tachometer. A long drive without music? Hard to imagine! The audio system has all in one- radio, CD, MP3, USB, Aux-in.  
  • Drives you into a comfort zone: The five speed manual transmission is smooth to handle and precise enough to shift the gear. It has a sensitive air conditioning which makes sure that air flows equally to the passengers sitting on the rear  seats. Apart from that it has a drive computer which displays essentials like average mileage and fuel remaining. The shift indicator helps in guiding the ideal time to shift.  
  • A smart performance: It is quite efficient and economic when it comes to fuel. It has an engine of 799cc at the economy of 25.17 Km/L. It has a special I-SAT engine which sparks in response to the quality of the fuel. There are times when we have to put a break all of a sudden. Datsun ready-GO has shortest braking distance which surely in coping with urban driving blues. It has a dexterity of crash protection shell.
Can't wait for a test drive on smooth, tidy and broad roads of Chandigarh to experience the comfort, efficient performance and its take my heart away look.
Book your Datsun redi-GO today.

Fun. Freedom. Confidence. The ultimate Urban Cross - Datsun redi-GO - the capability of a crossover with the convenience of a hatchback.

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