In my dreams

by - Thursday, January 28, 2016

Dreams are something I have started believing in lately. Each night there is a new dream, some believable, some unbelievable, some scary and some inspiring as well. It's like a reel which starts involuntarily, induced somewhere from the unconscious state of mind. I shared my dreams with a few friends and it was quite interesting to know their dreams, in return. A good friend of mine who believes that ''Dreams are gates to territories that are not explored'' suggested me to start a journal in order to keep a record. I did so and it's satisfying to fill page after page. The most interesting one which I had seen recently had a message. A quote!  ''Books are not divergent because they flirt with each other''  
Make sense?

It's been a long time since I composed a poem. Here's a try of shaping a dream into a poetry.

She closed her eyes 
to open the lock tonight
of another dream door
which awaits her to cite
an unseen story, foretold 

She steps into a bookstore
with a little pocket money
and a bundle of hope 
''The Secret'' at a cheap price 
She moves around in rejoice 
Of having a ''wanted'' book

The realm of dream breaks...

As she wakes up; euphoric 
slowly, realizing the gist 
It tempts her to unfold
the landscapes covered in mist
She goes through online stores
and other bookstores in vicinity 

It seems destiny has a way 
with its believers...
A friend of her gifts her, the book
As if she read her mind and;
heard her wish.
Dreams do come true
They have You.

Written for A Week for Writing - In your dreams

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14 Token to this Friendship

  1. Mesmerizing lines! 😊
    Cheers, Archana -

  2. With my eyes closed, i stood up with a smile; a shine to have you in my life!
    Amazingly well written my friend :)

    1. Agrima, pleased to have you here <3
      Thanks for the beautiful lines.... you have a big kind heart. Love!

  3. Dreams do come true my dear little one :) Felt happy reading the poem :)

    Someone is Special

  4. What a dreamy take....very narrative poem and Thanks for your kind words on my blog

    1. Welcome to My Friendship :)
      Glad you enjoyed the read. Thank you.

  5. The poem is amazing, Simi! Very well written.

  6. dreams do come true :) <3 love it simi <3

  7. One needs to DREAM to make DREAMS come true is what i beleive in . thats why i dream new dreams every day .. and god willing one day ..



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