Dry grass

by - Saturday, January 09, 2016

Eager birds chirrup biding a goodbye
As setting of the sun embarks
At the horizon meets the sky and the earth
It all seem so serene and stark

Walls painted in rattan beize
decorated with frames and oil paintings
A blue palazzo pant and a red top lies on her bed
with a watch, hand bag and big earrings

She sits there, just before a window
Relentlessly, looking outside
And suddenly the rooster clock buzz, frenzy
  She realize it has been days since she cried

Tears trickle down her cheeks 
For she know, another day is about to pass
and the fate will guzzle her with woes
life sans love and friendship is a dry grass

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  1. Last line is a beauty...I can feel the pain here!

    1. Most of my poems end with a message :)
      Love and friendship are the core of happiness in life ^_^

      Thanks, Alok ji.

  2. Life without friendship and love is meaningless. Beautifully penned :)

    1. Yes :) Thanks much, Sachiii for adding a meaning to my life, bestie <3

  3. So very true, Simran. Poignant lines.

  4. Great poem and well captured emotion through dry grasses!

    1. :)
      Happens when I sit to write after a long break. Thanks much dear :)

  5. lovely Poem simran :)
    Beautifully written ..


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