Chocolate love!

by - Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Photo credits: Author of  My Friendship
There are certain temptations 
that you seek in every time and everywhere
enough to get you along the track
no matter how bad you wrote in exams
no matter how low you felt after a rejection
no matter how pissed off you are after a day's work
As soon as that craving is fulfilled 
That moment becomes a paradise
when the chocolate caramel 
melts helplessly in my mouth
the sheer pleasure comes out as
Yum! Ummm! Yum

Written for Daily Prompts for the topic, Pour Some Sugar on Me

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12 Token to this Friendship

  1. yummy expression! felt like had a caramel treat of simran :)

  2. Wonderful poem Simran.
    How can it be that you talk about chocolate and not mention about me (the biggest chocoholic one could ever be). ?

    1. Hahah :D
      Definitely, with your comment my post is summed up :)
      Thanks dear!

  3. Love the way you expressed your pleasure you felt while eating.

    1. Glad you loved it. Thank you, Subham :)

  4. I love chocolate too.. christmas is here so lots of chocolates to eat :)


    1. Chocolaty season :D
      Don't forget to send some my way ;)


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