My Ultimate Choice: LG Nexus 5X

by - Saturday, October 10, 2015

The present era is being ruled by the smartphones. Everyone wants to be social, stay connected with family and friends and to keep up with their latest updates. It's a savior of millions of lives, who can't even think of a day without it. With an advancing technology, the smartphones compete among themselves, with every new feature they have in. Smartphones have become a style statement. The more advanced your phone, the more trendy you are! That's the way world see you and you see the world. Well, I am not an exception here.

I am a gadget freak and when it comes to a smartphone; I am quite too selective. Keeping in mind the latest features and my budget, I decided on buying an ''LG Nexus 5X''. The white, sleek, sophisticated design with 5.2 inch screen and light-weight; LG Nexus 5X won my heart at the very first sight. The next moment my fingers ran over the screen to explore in-order to quench my curiosity. I am going to share the best three features of Nexus 5X that made it my ultimate choice. 
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Excellent Camera: Being a photography lover for whom capturing moment is like a narration of a new story, the camera quality in a phone becomes an essential feature to consider. It's difficult to carry camera everywhere and at those times, a smartphone with good megapixel becomes handy. LG Nexus 5X has rear camera of 12.3 M.P. and to my happiness, the front camera has 5 MP; that means I can take sharp and clear selfies. Not only that, it offers 1.55 μm pixels that capture bright photos even in the dark conditions. It records video in an ultra-HD quality at 4K resolution. What else could I wish for? :D

Powerful Battery: It's quite irritating  to see a low battery signal on my phone after 2-3 hours of usage. I had to carry my phone charger everywhere and then search for the point to charge it but thanks to LG Nexus 5x. It has a powerful battery of 2700 mAh with a special ''USB Type- C'' cable which is reversible, to use. And, the best thing is... I can use it for as long as 4 hours after just ten minutes of charging! Isn't that something extra-ordinary? For me, it's a bliss. 

Smartness Redefined: LG Nexus 5X has a unique quality of redefining smartness. Wondering, how? Let me tell you. It has a fingerprint sensor on the backside. The sensor at the back will accept only your fingerprint to unlock the apps, making your phone more secure and safe from an outsider. The location of sensor is allocated on the way you hold the phone. The imprint will be smarter and active with every touch. 

It's high time to redefine smartness via touch. Grab your share of smartness by buying LG Nexus 5X

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