My Friendship and five years!

by - Monday, October 19, 2015

Happy Birthday to you ''My Friendship'' blog... my second home... my savior... my little world. So much of ''My'' but not more than ''Yours''. I feed this space with my thoughts but it grows only when its readers read and give feedback. This journey started back in 2010 when I was in eighth standard and now I am doing my BBA in international finance and accounts. It's hard to believe how years rolled by and today it's the fifth anniversary of ''My Friendship''. This is happiness; a pure bliss!

I clearly remember the first day of blogging. It was a struggle between what to write and how to write and whether should I write or simply delete it the next moment. Fortunately, I chose to write; thanks to my stars. By the time I discovered, there was completely a different world dwelling... ''the world of words'' where even the pain seemed beautiful. It became a medium for me to express. We can not just go and say everything and every thought that comes to mind. There are things meant not to be reacted and expressed at the very moment. We keep it in heart knowing well it needs to be considered and heard without judgement. And this is how My Friendship became my best friend. I wrote every beautiful, strange, dark and sweet feeling that came across... in the form of poetry. I learnt to balance my emotions, thought process, empathy and analyzing between wrong and right. 

 It's been quite a long time since I blogged. Last month was challenging for me on an emotional note. It's the first time I am staying away from home. However, day by day I am getting over it. I have my mid semester around the corner and my thick books on management, economics, logic and mathematics are waiting for me. But I promise, I won't leave this place deserted with old posts and would do a come back soon. 

In terms of writing, this year has been unexpectedly lucky for me. My creations are now part of twelve poetry and story anthologies and several online magazines. I had never thought I would come this far. Blogging has blessed me with some life-long friends. I owe gratitude to each of my reader who helped me grow as a writer and as a person. I hope to receive the same love and support for the years to come. 

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5 Token to this Friendship

  1. Congratulations for all those anthologies and for five years of blogging! May you continue to nurture your passion for words!

  2. congratulations Simran. I'm sure its been a wonderful journey so far for you. Almost every post that you have written is my personal favorite..I'm sure you do have a great future. Keep writing and keep sharing joy

  3. First congrats on completing half a decade on blogging, Sim! It’s really great having you around and the way you care for us is very sweet and make me wish personally to have a sister like you :)

    Glad to learn that this year has been awesome for you and inspiring to write more... Keep writing dear. I don’t want to miss you here and I think blogging is the best way of sharing among social networks.

    Take care, and do you studies well.

  4. congratulations simi <3 i am so lucky to find your blog and your friendship :) keep shining <3
    lots of love
    your sachiiiii:)

  5. Congratulations Little One! And wonder how my comment is not visible :(


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