Moments of Togetherness

by - Wednesday, October 21, 2015

In this hi-tech generation almost all of us have a smartphone. We carry it throughout the day to check messages, latest updates and even during spare hours in a day which we get to relax for some time. While journeying in metro, partying with friends, dinning with family, during class lectures, evening walk and even while driving on road; our eyes remain glued to the phone screen as if it is going to give solution to all problems. It's an addiction eating up our real world little by little. To be precise, our virtual world is superseding our real world. Even the warmth of love, gratitude and relations have become digital; easy to manipulate (status). No commitment. There are days when we feel a void inside; wanting someone to just sit and listen what we have to say, to exchange a few kind words and get inspired by someone's life experience. It becomes hard to start up a conversation with a person sitting next to you with all his attention either in mobile screen or an ear- plugged to music. This is an act of ignorance, unintentionally though. We have made a private world of our own and that's the major reason for weakening of relations, friendship and understanding. 

It's high time to reconcile the gap between us and our real world where there are people waiting for us to have our attention… to love, share and care. Nature follows the notion of giving and receiving. So, why not associate our happiness of togetherness with the nature.

 Last month when dad asked my elder brother to buy grocery from a nearby shop, he refused to go just because he wanted to spend some more time chatting with his friends over his phone. Realizing his constant change in behavior and cut-off from his responsibilities, dad and I came up with a plan. We decided that every day for one hour we will close all the lights in our home except in our drawing room. No use of electric appliances other than the fan and an LED tube light in the room. Initially, it was very discomforting to stop all work sharp at 9:00 pm till 10:00 pm and sit in a room for random discussion. Many a times, my brother and I lost our patience sitting without gadgets in hand. It was surprising to notice after a week, that one hour became our most favorite part of the day in which mom and dad shared about their past experiences, their childhood, college days and professional life. I was amazed at the fact how less we knew about our own parents. After a month, my brother asked dad that why we have to switch off every electric appliance for an hour during our conversation. To which dad replied, ‘’each day for one hour we not only do family get-together and discussion without disturbance but also we save up energy. Think, all this while when you don't use your laptop, printer, mobile phones, television; you contribute a support to the global mission of saving energy. Let nature too smile with us’’. And we both hugged him tightly.

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  1. This is such a nice idea .... serves a double purpose - saves energy as well as grows family bonding.


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