by - Friday, September 18, 2015

The day induces 
Watching your dreams
With each passing twilight
Savoring the loneliness
With an imagery of You and I
Dancing together 
With ignited love In eyes 
A soft melody on my lips to make
You listen my heart beats... 
Only for you!
A smile cross my face 
When I glance on your photo
Hovering on my room's wall
Just being there staring at you
I quench my heart 
That you're with me
You are mine
Even after knowing
You are not at all

Written for A Week For Writing

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  1. So poignant and yet so beautiful!

  2. ahmm ahmmm Who is this for Simran :)

    lovely poem


  3. What a delightful piece. Greetings to you.

  4. Just love it love it love it .... one of your best poems till date.


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