by - Wednesday, July 15, 2015

   During those long boring lectures
I day dream of the world outside window
Kids merrily flying their paper kites
Girls gossiping under the tree's shadow

People on road, running in hustle bustle
But the nature is calm and at peace as ever
Sweating day, sunshine and partly clouds
I pray God to bless earth with some shower

While I am sitting in the classroom
There must be someone taking birth
and someone living his last few moments 
Life is train and our breath, its reserved berth

Probably my teacher has caught me 
In the case of lacking attention 
Today the fountain of tears won't flow
For I ventured on philosophic trance 

Written for A Prompt Each Day - Midweek Wordle #7
and Ultimate Blog Challenge - Day #15

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  1. Depends :P If your teacher is very strict and takes a cane to your knuckles, the fountain of tears might still flow O:-)

    Though it is fun to daydream in the classroom. Best place to do it really. :D

  2. I have these very same thoughts most days.

  3. :P
    One will regret this when the exams draw near!

  4. As long as you are thinking of such wonderful things I think it is okay :D

  5. Interesting verse. There is someone who is taking birth and someone who is living his last moments. Profound wisdom.

  6. Hey Simran,

    I request you to give a prompt for the Set the Challenge Sunday this weekend. It can be a word or phrase prompt.

    Please leave the prompt suggestion at the "Prompts" page on APED. I'll not moderate it till the prompt post is out.

    You could also choose not to give one of course :) Do let me know soon, either way.


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