by - Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Life is an up-down journey
It has eventful rides 
to test your patience and strength
Be yourself. Never regret.
 Today I want to ease off
 all my worries through bubbles

Written for A Prompt Each Day - In a Flash #3
and Ultimate Blog Challenge - Day #7

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  1. Bubbles are definitely fun :) so hope you had fun.

    1. Yes, it's fun to realize these bubbles making a way for ventilation for my inner-self.

  2. I always love bubbles. They are a good time out thing with your kids. They are even fun at weddings.

  3. We love bubbles so much we bought one of those bubble machines from Walmart last year! I think we've almost worn it out!

    1. Sounds interesting!
      My grandpa used to make one at home applying conventional method :)

  4. Bubbles are a fun way to blow your tensions away :)


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