A divine descend

by - Thursday, July 02, 2015

Among the dried leaves
those memories heave
Crisp, conspicuous & crunch
autumn leaves, imagination hunch
The lone garden and deep tranquil
I had found myself blessed with nature's quill
I took a pen and a diary
the book of my emotions turned into a library 
Here, I wrote my life's first song 
and realized things weren't that wrong
Under the warmth of sun a sigh of relief
Converge at my heart's core, fall of a leaf
It detaches with the lost spring from a tree
A descend so divine that makes it free

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8 Token to this Friendship

  1. It's a song, little one. I would have been happier if you sang this and posted it soundcloud. :)

    Someone is Special

    1. Thanks for this brilliant idea. Will prepare a rhythm and record on soundcloud :)

  2. Where you wrote your life's first song seems like a wonderful place to be :)

    1. It's my garden, my most favorite corner :)
      Thanks dear.

  3. Lovely poem :) I sometimes have such situations too. My garden is my favourite place to be in and when inspiration doesn't seem to strike to write something or even if I am feeling low, I feel better when I am in my garden and words just flow.

    1. That's lovely! Nature is a home of tranquility :)
      Thanks, Reema,

  4. This is Most Lovely! Yes, a song would be nice!!


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