The Quote Challenge #3

by - Thursday, June 25, 2015

I have been tagged by a blogger friend, Vinay Leo R. from I Rhyme Without Reason for ''The Quote Challenge''. I will share a quote from my favorite book or a quote from my favorite author for three days consecutively in a blog post and tag my friends to be part of this challenge. I would like to tag Stephen from The Solitary Writer and Gayatri from Outside the Kitchen Window

'' God doesn't require us to succeed He only requires that you try.'' - Mother Teresa

Giving up marks an end of possibilities while there could have been a victory at the next step if one would had a courage to stay strong and face the challenges. Try again...again...again and success will be yours :) 

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8 Token to this Friendship

  1. Beautiful quote. Just try, if it is worthwhile it will come your way.

  2. True but you have got to have the will to keep trying :)

  3. This is a very beautiful quote. Thanks to Leo for tagging you :)

  4. Wondeful quote and this one has been the best of the lot amonst the three quotes that you have posted as a part of this 3 day quotes challenge...


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