I live...

by - Monday, June 29, 2015

From my mother's womb 
to entering into this sphere 
The journey had been exciting
my bubble curiosity ruled in the air

Love and praises were showered
Temptation never seemed a struggle
I played, read, ate and slept
Life was smooth and nothing to trouble

The mighty time changes everything 
And so, it didn't spare my life 
Simply living it anyway is not enough 
A reason must be there, I strife

I live... to appreciate beautiful life
despite the complexities it offers
I live... to fulfill all my dreams
that I watch every day and night
I live... because I am hopeful
that tomorrow will be better
I live... to spread happiness
as life is too short to be sad
I live... to read, write and learn
because my knowledge is mine
I live... not to change the world
but to change myself
I live... to give my existence a reason
that this world would appreciate

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  1. Awesome post. Each word is effective.

    1. It's a great pleasure to have you here, Usha Ji. Thank you so much :)

  2. Because mine knowledge is mine? This is a good poem, little one. Loved it to the core!

    1. Knowledge is something that none can steal from you. It stays with you forever :)
      I am glad that loved it, Sarav. Thank you.

  3. Hopefully when we change ourselves for the better, we also change the world around us.

  4. Nobel reasons to venture through the journey. The reasons only a pure soul seeks to accomplish and live for!!

  5. Beautiful job with the prompt! Nice!

  6. Great job with the prompt. Very nice!

  7. Nice :) reasons to live, we definitely must have.


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