The moment I listened my Heart to touch someone's Heart

by - Tuesday, April 14, 2015

An intense upsurge of emotions 
When there is no pretense, it's deep like an ocean
Every feeling has a different feel
Right from grievances to extreme zeal
Have various shades of dark and bright
Hard to control over when reaches to its height
They maybe soft or maybe hard
Flickers like a shuffle playing cards
Some of them never get change
They never get out of range
No matter how long it had been
Or have become a past
But it's there secure and ever last

These are the few lines from my poetry written long back. Feelings are best when shared but most of the times we fail to express it to our loved ones. How would one know if you care for him/her unless you express it? Then come 'words'; if one is not comfortable to speak directly then he chooses to write or gift something that epitomizes those unsaid feelings. It's important to listen your heart and follow, for it always guides you right. Today I will share my #DilKiDeal moment, when I listened and followed my heart subduing second thoughts.

Friends are something I cherish the most in my life. Once I become friends with someone, I don't leave them half a way. Blogging has blessed me with so many wonderful gems but there is one friend most special to me. He has been there for me right from my initial days of blogging. He helps me when I expect and when I don't. He encourages me when I wish for a much needed push. He does care if things and my life are going good apart from writing. He promise and never let that break. He understands and respects my views. He never underestimates or imposes his ideas on me. He is a true friend and together we share a selfless bond. Sarav and I. He fondly calls me Little One and so he is my Special One. With each day our bond of amity is getting stronger. Recently we co-authored a story for an anthology and now we are working as a team on a review website.

Despite of his busy schedule he manages time to discuss things with me, almost everyday. It means a lot. It was through his blog which seemed to be the best with poems, stories and blog design I came to know about SiS. It all started in 2011 around May or June when through a group on Facebook 'Bloggers by Passion' we interacted for the first time. He invited me and other two friends to write a guest post for his 100th post and then, a beautiful journey began. 

 Birthday is a one special day in the entire year which you feel belongs to you. You expect the day to be full of surprises, wishes, blessings and love. In my mind I had decided already that I will make him surprised. Maybe a gift! Was the first idea came in mind but no. He was in London then. The next thought was... a sketch of him. The very idea excited me to imagine, it would break the ice if I manage to do it well. I selected one of his photos to sketch. The planning was done well but by the time his birthday was near I was caught up with typhoid. The illness, weakness, ache in stomach, recurring uneven fever; I felt like dropping that idea but somewhere deep in heart I strongly wanted to do something special for him, something that he would cherish forever. I followed my intuition and started working on it. Despite the fact I am not good at sketching and especially sketching a human face that I hadn't done before, I took out a drawing sheet, pencil, and eraser. It took me three days to complete it to the satisfaction. My excitement seemed no bound. And finally March 28th, 2012, his birthday came! 

I wrote a post acknowledging his art of writing along with the sketch.

And to this, his reply was,

''I'm deeply touched by your post, sketch and wishes Siman.. *Happy Tears* ~ My Hearty thanks to you,your family and to my grandma.. Smiles..

I've no words to say about the post or the way you surprised me.. Really, I've no words and I donno how to thank you. '' 

“I am participating in the #DilKiDealOnSnapdealactivity at BlogAdda in association with SnapDeal.”

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3 Token to this Friendship

  1. i must say i'm surprised . 1. the poem <3 its so well written 2. sketch!! you sketch !! one more connection :P keep writing :) and you are one gem i got because of blogging :)

    <3 lots of love
    sachi :)

  2. I'm deeply touched little one. On this auspicious day, I get to read such sweet things, I am on seventh heaven. ♥ Happy Tears ♥

    Advance Happy Birthday to you!!!

    Someone is Special

  3. Hi simran....
    Heart felt post about Sarav.
    Really a true one.


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