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Save the Mother Earth

Earth is calling! 
But are we listening? 

Earth, the sole planet that renders the most intelligent and the wisest of creature - Human. To think is the first step to bring a change. To implement over those thoughts is the second step and continuing to implement is the third step that leads to progress. Over the years we have made a remarkable headway in various fields of science and technology. Everyday we are moving a step further and living a better lifestyle. We are leading such a life where everything is just a thought away! As soon as you think and the next moment you have it. Exchange of instant messages over the globe, online shopping stores, smartphones; almost everything is digital. It's our intelligence and constant efforts that paved our way towards the success. And thus, we are progressing.

 But are we acting wise? No! We are simply fooling ourselves. An intelligence with no wisdom is useless. In the poem ''Keeping Quite'' Pablo Neruda has asked a thought provoking question.
''Those who prepare green wars,
wars with gas, wars with fire,

victory with no survivors'' 
- Pablo Neruda

Towards what progress we are heading that would leave no survivors to victim the glory? Imagine, when there will be no drop of drinking water left, no green trees around to provide shed in scorching heat of sunlight, no fresh air, no flowers and no birds. Where will you go to attain peace? And how long will you live breathing poison in air? According to the recent surveys, if we still continue to ignore Earth's Call then, within hundred years there will be no rain-forests. What are we preserving for future generations? They will appreciate us for nothing but greed; a greed that left nothing! I always do analogy between the nature and people. Here is a poem I had written an year ago.   
Long ago, an efflorescence of life was plank down on earth
Since then, mankind came into the existence casting birth
A cycle that goes on and on with the promise of cooperation 
Connects we children to our mother earth with intense adoration  

As the time changed, people changed and so with them have 'relations'
The gap contriving in between, both generations fails to built a space for rendition  
The promising link between the two seems adversely decrepit near to separation 
It's we, who initiated the route of disguise with the rush of our own greed 
Too easy for us to let go things, far too insensitive to mother earth's selfless deed

There is always a limit of everything beyond which the elasticity turns into plasticity
The elasticity of earth was till we were its tenants but soon that turned differently
When we, the so called care takers of earth started to adhere its authority  
A child can not be the mother of his own mother that is the restraint reality
And thus, a step beyond once taken can not be recover

And finally, like a relationship based on compromises don't go longer
The selfless beauty of love bond and the notion of giving and receiving were snapped
Time is the mightiest among all and when it associates with nature makes a deadly combination 
Both shows the dual phase of loftiness and kindness, capricious 
We can't make them run behind us in a long run rather we will be abandon

We took the steps unknowingly, knowingly of the consequences
The another phase of the nature confronted, this time wild and merciless 
A wave of destruction once flowed followed by massacre and loss
A storm broke out of earth's flasks which proved earth as undefeated  
The strokes it lash hard over the rival made it hard for the man's survival

The storm carried away everything along with it
The night after the storm relinquish into gloom, pathetic
Beauty in abundance is now getting deficit  
Lives struggling to reconcile Life 
It's never too late to correct oneself 
Need is, think twice act wise 

So, how can we respond to Earth's Call? 
There is always a notion of ''giving and receiving''. Our mother earth bestowing us with endless endowments asks for nothing but a bit of love and care. We need to make judicious plan on how to use and in what proportion. Also, there is an important need that we respect and accept earth as our mother because if we would have accepted it in past we had have heard even slightest of its hush that has now turned into an urgent call. It's high time to get united and resolve to save our Mother.
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* Plant more trees and spread greenery. 
* Stop using plastic bags. Instead use paper bags.
* Save water. Do not leave the tap open after the use.
* Do not litter. Use dustbins.
* Save energy. Switch off the lights and disconnect electronic devices after use.
* Do not dump waste in rivers and lakes. 
* Try to avoid using vehicle to reach nearby places. Do walk, it will keep you fit and will      help to save petrol.
* Water plants time to time.
* Do not turn ON lights during the daytime. Work in daylight as long as possible.
* Use LED bulbs. It consumes less energy. 
* Use least pesticides on agricultural lands. 
* If you find anyone polluting the environment and wasting our natural resources then          immediately stop him/her. But the change must begin from you.
 * Make people around you aware about an urgent need to preserve our resources and its      consequences if taken lightly.

To think is the first step to bring a change. We have started thinking!
To implement over those thoughts is the second the step. Now it's time to implement.
 And continuing to implement is the third step that leads to progress. I hope, we will definitely come out with flying colors.  

              ''Lets help our mother earth to smile and flourish''

Image source- google images
Who is Green Yatra?
Green Yatra is a Non-Governmental Charity (NGO), actively dedicated to Protection and Conservation of Mother Nature and Humanity. The organisation is registered and associated with Assistant Charity commissioner “ Thane Region, Planning Commission - Government of India, United Nation and tax exempted u/s 80G of the Income Tax Act. We strive to maintain the integrity of the ecosystem for the benefit of all living creatures by introducing and adopting simple green lifestyle, Eco-friendly ideas in our daily lives. To know more about Green Yatra visit their website

Here's a soulful song presented by a Bangalore based band Studio NH 47 on World Earth Day. You'll be mesmerized listening it. 


  1. Loved the post, Simran. The lines in the poem and the points that you have mentioned are so true. I wish people act wisely and protect the Mother Earth with every small step they can. :)

    1. I am glad you loved the post :)
      I hope our words stir others' minds and evoke hearts to help in making a difference.
      Such a pleasure to have you here, Purba di.

  2. Very apt! So many people complain that it's not in their power to do anything; yet these very people use plastic and dump their waste indiscriminately!! Hope everyone reads and follows your points here :)

    1. We need to understand every single effort will be counted and can bring a huge difference because...We follow what others are doing. So why not follow a good cause :)

      Nice to read your views. Thanks bF :)

  3. Some really good points there and the poem is lovely. It's a great cause to support, Simran.

  4. Great work.. Keep it up 😊

  5. Wonderful post, Simran. And many congratulations on winning! May you flourish more and more.

    1. Thank you so much dear Sweety for the beautiful wishes :)

  6. Indeed, human is ‘the’ only creature God has created yet. He has gifted us the power to ’think’. And since we have realised that we could think and could make changes to live our lives happily with comfort, we have continuously simultaneously invented something which would comfort us in somehow. And see we have reached the peak. We’re enjoying our lives with all our comforts which we want.

    The example which you have used to make us understand the actually meaning of this so called ‘getting comfort’ by the few lines of poem Keeping Quit written by Pablo Neruda is awesome. I just came across to this wonderful poem a few days ago. I read it in my text book. And believe me when I was being made understand, I felt the same what you felt while writing this article. Indeed, we’ve the power to think but we’re just using it ‘negatively’.

    The poem has been written amazingly, Simran. I was seduced by the first line of the poem, since i stared reading. And believe me the poem has an spellbinding effect and reveals the sinful deeds of us.

    The ways which you have enlisted above is the ‘must practise’ thing one should do.

    And the song is really mesmerizing. And I enjoyed it though the language is different.

    Than k you.

  7. Very well written! Congratulations on the win :)


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