by - Tuesday, April 21, 2015

That was just a meet,
His smile and hearty greet,
Together with his humorous talks and a little walk,
Once again opened my heart's lock!
The peacefulness within me turned to perky,
Darkness within was now replace by lucidity,
His presence broke the emptiness with the ample of care and love..
I believe now time changes everything
As it changed the strings of my heart
 from a woeful ballad to beautiful tunes,
He never left me alone in my thoughts!
But do really was he still walking along with me?
While an instant loiter glance 
my lingering steps stepped off pebble with a jerk!
And I razed in his protective arms,
But that was a road 
where I fell down helplessly...
He was no where now,
I was left there so lonely with turmoil thoughts...
That was the moment I realized 
that he was in my imagination!
His last word ''Adieu'' echoed 
in my ears again and again,
A tear trickled down from my eyes
 as I gazed up at twinkling sky...
Mesmerizing memories that were still alive
 and fresh as it happened yesterday! 

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