I get over the moon with Chocolates

by - Sunday, April 05, 2015

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Chocolate of my moods
It cares for me and is never too rude
Five Star, the one gets stick 
to my teeth like a hitch
Perk, not so perky
Despite joy life seems jerky
Milky Bar, with tempting stars
fails to nourish my moody scars
Munch, with perfect sweet and crunch
lands to the world of dreams and hunch
Kitkat, it tastes heavenly. But...
after two bites it lasts scarcely 
Dairy Milk, with the best of silks
lit up my mood and mend my broken quill  

♥ I get over the moon with Chocolates 

Dipped in cream milk
Blend with cocoa
Icing of caramel 
Rich with nuts,crackle
and dry fruits
Conquer my will and
 dwindle my fortitude 
for weight loss
Whenever it comes 
to my sight I can't resist 
to adrift myself willingly 
into its heavenly aroma
When it melts into my mouth
I slurp my tongue all around
And close eyes in delight 
so as to concentrate on
my only ''possession obsession''
I devour and savor it bit by bit 
not wanting to end our
scrumptiously sweet kissing ;)

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  1. ok i'm hungry now get me chocolates simz :D

  2. Wondeful Blogpost Simran... You make the inner chocoholic within me crave for all these at the moment...
    Nonethe less, (before I'm lost in this chocolaty world like those twins in Five star advert) this a wondeful poem on the prop given

    ATB for BAT

  3. Very yum yum Sims...sweet exactly like you... :)

  4. Okay..your poem.made chocolate more yummy..have to ignore my dieting chart for a while. ;)

  5. I get over the moon reading your poem little one. Tastes like heaven! Good luck to you!

    Someone is Special

  6. Yummy Poem
    Tasty Read
    Lovely Presentation


  7. Lot of verity here. Best of luck.

  8. after reading your post I am craving for chocolates, nice chocolicious post

    My Blog-A-Ton Entry Raju's Chocolate

  9. Chocolates are difficult to resist. Yummillicious post and that pic is so tempting and salivating


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