by - Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Aesthetic curlicue in colors 
flourished on this earth in boundaries with contour
disseminate the charm; the nature's flair
an everlasting state of the art endowed we eulogize 
but at the same time we denounce its sway of reign
sometimes because of faux pas 
or because of avarice!
We dwell in this then why so detached ?

Written for A to Z Challenge 

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5 Token to this Friendship

  1. Beautiful :) This is a Sims style poem.

    I'll ping you for a translation, just to clarify :)

  2. i'm enjoying your poetic style and topics - especially the chocolate one, even tho that wasn't part of the a to z challenge. this poem gives us alternating perspectives of earth - far, near and inside ourselves! nice work!

  3. Hello I'm stopping in from A to Z and thanks for your continued participation!

  4. Because that's how it is destined little one.

    Someone is Special


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