Anecdotes of Amir

by - Wednesday, April 01, 2015

My heart gets overwhelmed with brotherly love when I see Ahad, my elder brother smiling. His eyes shine with high spirits and sheer happiness when he plays on swing. Back and forth, he enjoy when his hairs wave with the air. The confidence and pride he takes when the swing goes up and feel loved when I give him a push from behind.

‘’Ahad is my adorable son. He is the best in academics and in extra curricular activities. Recently he won a first prize in debate competition and now he is doing rehearsal for sensational music at the inter school level which will be held next week. Ahad, bring all your trophies and certificates to show Meghna Aunty.’’ said Rashida, beaming with proud. 

‘’Amir, why are you hiding yourself behind the curtains. Come here. Sit with us, sweetheart.’’ said Meghna with a broad and friendly smile on her face. Amir was scared. He looked into Rashida's eyes to which she reluctantly ignored. He moved with detest. Meghna putting her arms around him asked, how many trophies my little champ won? Amir shook his head in dismay. Meghna read his face and instantly cheered him up. 
Okay, So Amir will recite a poem for me. Yes? She said with an excitement. 
Amir couldn't. He stuck in between. His voice choked.

Ahad's excellent progress had become a part of Rashida's self esteem. Whenever guests visited her, she used to emphasize more on Ahad's good performance, behavior and attitude. Amir always craved for his mother's attention but he failed to get any. He was not an excellent and prodigy child as his elder brother, Ahad. 

Amir was very different from Ahad. He was an average student. He was not an extrovert. He did not like showing himself up to the world. Instead he was happy to live in his own little world of imagination that inspired him to make some splendid sketches. He was proud and glad to see his brother blessed with so many talents. For, he had no burden of making his parents proud alone. Rashida's act of comparison between her own sons was quite complicated. She wouldn't  listen even her own husband. This was distorting Amir emotionally. He used to cry hiding himself in the dark room. Love and care from his brother and father couldn't fill the space of his mother's ignorance and incomprehension.

Amir... Amir... Amir! Yelled Ahad. Lost in your thoughts again? 
Amir was back to his senses. Yes brother. Sorry I was lost again. Mom doesn't love me. 
Daddy loves you, you love me, I love you but I love heights too. Please push it a little hard, Amir. Show me your strength. It excited Amir and he started pushing with all his potential. 
Please slow down. Please. Please Amir. I will fall down. Please my little brother. 
But Amir listened none of his pleading. Ahad cried out with fear. He tried to stop the swing but unfortunately fall down from it and become unconscious.

*** To be continued***  

Written for A-Z Challenge 2015

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  1. really liked the story :) touching :) <3 keep writing simi :) write next part soon :)

  2. Oh ho!! What happens next? Curious to know Simran. You better publish the next part soon :P

    A Stranger In The Mirror

  3. I can feel the tension of the situation - well done.

  4. It's always sad when parents make a difference between children! Waiting for part 2, Simran.

  5. Such passion in the child's thought's Simran. Parents unfortunately do take sides and have prefrences. SO sad. Waiting for part 2.

  6. Great start, I must say keeping the excitement quotient up high the beam. Looking forward to upcoming posts

  7. Publish the next part soon and don't forget to send me the link. :)
    Stay blessed Simmi. :*

  8. 26 part story? :) Wow. Nice start, Sims.

  9. This is a story that I have seen happening in many families. Well written, Simran!

  10. Loved the start, Sim. Comparison between siblings is indeed hard to take. Waiting to read the parts that follow. All the best. :)

  11. I could so relate to Amir's anguish. Well written Simran :)
    It's sad that parents could be so cruel. So true too


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