Blame, Bleak & Blithe

by - Thursday, April 02, 2015

Amir... Amir... Amir! Yelled Ahad. Lost in your thoughts again? 
Amir was back to his senses. Yes brother. Sorry I was lost again. Mom doesn't love me. 
Daddy loves you, you love me, I love you but I love heights too. Please push it a little hard, Amir. Show me your strength. It excited Amir and he started pushing with all his potential. 
Please slow down. Please. Please Amir. I will fall down. Please my little brother. 
But Amir listened none of his pleading. Ahad cried out with fear. He tried to stop the swing but unfortunately fall down from it and become unconscious.

Amir's eyes are wide open with an acute shock and fear. He is unable to retaliate to the gravity of the moment. Ahad is lying still on the ground. Oozing blood from his head with his eyes partially closed. Amir shrieks, screams and yells of the tragedy but there is no one around to listen. Amir lie his ear close to Ahad's chest to see if his heart is beating.'' Thanks God! My brother is still alive.'' says Amir with relief. He immediately calls Rashida only to say there is an urgency. A misfortune has taken place. 

The family takes Ahad to the hospital but by now it's too late. ''Ahad got a serious fracture in neck . A lot of blood had been already streamed out of his body before you reached the hospital. Sorry, we couldn't save your son.'' Said the doctor with regret.
Rashida is out of her senses. She is unable to accept the fact that her adorable- precious son, Ahad is no more! 
She wails and keep herself aloof. She would not eat anything or talk to anyone. Even she don't care a bit to see what mental trauma Amir is going through after his only brother's death. At times he would go to Rashida with hopes that she would caress him in her arms and console. Instead she blurt out at him wherever she finds him. She gets carried away with the pain and thus blame her own innocent son, Amir who's just 8 years old to be the murderer of Ahad. She censure his pleadings. Ahmad, the father of Amir was silent all these days. He had been crying within but hides away all his miseries. He has accepted the fact and now he wants his family to move on. 

When he sees Amir mumbling to Ahad's photograph with tears in his eyes, Ahmad too get burdened with emotions and tear trickle down from his eyes. He gently hugs Amir and caress him wiping his ceaseless tears. 
Dad, it was not my fault. I didn't kill Ahad bhaiya. I love him so much. Rather I should have been died. Mom hates me and she thinks I am... Amir sobs. 
I believe in you, Amir. I know you are innocent. It was just a game of fate. The loss is unbearable but we are helpless. Your mom and I love you a lot. Amir smile in despair.

I feel alone and scared. Tonight let me lay down with you and mom. Pleaseee!
Ok Amir. Your mom would kiss and hug you tight you see. Lets go.
Rashida is lying on the bed in deep slumber. Amir crawl slowly and silently in the bed and lie there in peace. 
When Rashida wake up in midnight she shouts. Who has let you enter inside my room? You sinister! Rashida pull Amir out of her room. 
Amir is dishearten. He find himself worthless; a black sheep. It was enough of his bearings.  
Next Morning, 
Amir is not in his room. Shouted Rashida. 
Whaaat? Where is he then? 
I don't know. She cried helplessly. They looked in every corner of the city but couldn't find. Meanwhile Rashida realizes how insensitive she had been towards Amir. She feel guilty over her own acts and harsh words she had used for him when he all he wanted her love and care. She plead her husbad Ahmad to find Amir and bring him home back. After 5 days of searching when there was no hint of Amir's existance, the doorbell rings!     
With hopes Ahmad open the door and he is awestruck at the sight. It Amir, their son standing at the door. Rashida come running towards him and hugs him tightly and promise him to love forever.

Written for A to Z challenge       

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4 Token to this Friendship

  1. Glad she found him. But she did need that little shock to realize how much she loved Amir because sometimes we understand the value of others only after losing them! Good one Simran :)

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  2. mothers love is one thing which cant be explained in words <3 sad that she had to lose one son, glad she realized and accepted amir :) keep writing :)

  3. Hardhitting chapter this one is. I am glad that at least at the end Rashida has it in her heart to forgive Amir and remember that he is her son too. Wondering how you plan to take this further :)

  4. a Hard hitting beginning !!! i hope they will all find peace ... will come back to see what happened...


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