Roots of My Success

by - Thursday, March 05, 2015

Everything has two sides, one positive and one negative. Life is no exception. If it is beautiful today then it had been full of struggles too. There comes many moments and instances in life that break us to an extent that we find there is nothing worth left to live. We get so much depressed and disappointed in a way that everyone around seems to be mocking and criticizing for no reason.

 Life signifies of moving ahead and we must go with its pace but for that we need to find optimism enough to kindle the ray of hope for future. Today I will share one such uplifting and life changing moment of my life.

In my early schooling days I used to be very careless regarding studies. An average student, who did not even dream to top in the class. Inside my heart I wanted to shine but maybe I had already accepted it as an impossible task. It is a customary at our school that before P.T.M students get to see their exam answer sheet and review if there is any question left unchecked or if there is any counting mistake. It was my 4th standard half yearly exam answer sheet my class teacher was trolling with in the classroom. This time she was telling the marks of each student. I was afraid to face the shame in front of the entire class. My heartbeats were fast and I was sweating in nervousness.

My teacher called out my name and said, she has got the highest marks in English this time, clap for her. I was taken aback. She patted on my back and said, Very good, girl. I know your capabilities. I smiled at her and said, thank you, ma'am. I was so happy that I wanted to hug her but then I controlled my emotions. When I reached at my desk I realized tears in my eyes, tears of joy, happiness and success. For the first time I felt confident about myself. Since that day, I started working hard in studies; especially in English and excelled in my academics.

I was in 8th standard when I composed my first poem in English, ‘’Life is Like A’’ and around the same time I started blog, ‘’My Friendship’’. Initially, I used to write poems or quotations just to post something daily. I am a lucky blogger who got 3 avid readers right from the first day. They appreciated, pointed out my mistake and shared their suggestions on how I can improve. I took their feedback positively and started working more on my vocabulary, thinking and writing skills. I started reading articles, blogs, dictionary, magazines and whatever that could help me to do better. Gradually, I found an ease at composing poems and writing articles. I got many more readers and made some great friends in a blog-o-sphere.

 Writing has become an essential part of me, an identity. It is the same passion that today I am part of an International English Poetry anthology, got my five poems published in different books and various poems in online magazines. Had my teacher not praised me that day I couldn't have reached so far.           

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2 Token to this Friendship

  1. Motivation and optimism go hand in hand ... wonderful :-)

  2. Your teacher turned your success into motivational factor that gave you the confidence and helped you taste the success. Awesome Chotti!



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