My Bold Step! My Friendship!

by - Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A positive idea can bring a big change in one’s life. I, too, was influenced by one such idea four years before, that brought a big change in my life.

It was a busy evening, when couple of my friends, spoke about blogging, its benefits and its addiction. I was a passive participant in the conversation till I questioned my friend, “What is a blog?” Her answer drew me into the conversation and we spoke nonstop for an hour. Almost shouted in the mid of a park, where kids were playing innocently without bothering about the dreadful word “Tomorrow”. The outcome of the conversation was the birth of much confusion inside my head: “Should I start blogging or ignore the idea and concentrate on studies?” “Should I speak to my Dad?” “Will blogging be a spoilsport?” “Will I lose my marks if I start blogging and get addicted to it?”

There were many more questions that added the fuel to the fire, but finding out the answers became a headache. I thought, “I was not ready to take such a big step, blogging and studies, might not work out.”

That night I had my dinner at around 8’o clock and slept at nine. I slept peacefully. (Did I?)

The very first thing I did in the morning was to switch on my laptop, logged on, and created my first blog, the first big bold step I took in my life. I named the blog “My Friendship”, as it denotes my friendship with everyone and anyone I meet in the virtual world. I was the happiest girl alive in the world that day.

I started blogging to express myself in terms of poetry. It was something I inherited from my Grandma, an unknown poet to this world. Whenever my poetry was appreciated, I used to be very happy. I used to fly to Cloud Nine.

It’s been four years now. I’ve made many good friends and won a few blogging contests. And from blogging I entered into the world of publishing. I got my poems published in online magazines at first, and now, I’ve contributed in a few anthologies and novels that are currently available in book store. I also excel in my studies. I have a good grade in all my exams. I have a perfect balance between my personal life, blogging life and social life. That’s what make everyone awe. More than that my family members and friends are happy and proud of me. I am the happiest girl in the world. My bold step brought a big change in my life and helped me start a new life. Find my story inspiring? Get inspired by watching this excellent video by

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1 Token to this Friendship

  1. That was awesome step towards blogging. By that step, we have a talent poet to our society. You are not only a poet; you are a great motivator to many. By your bold step, you proved that studies and personal life could be balanced. We have to learn a lot from you <3



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