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by - Tuesday, March 24, 2015

''Food for the body is not enough. There must be food for the soul.''
~ Dorothy Duy

I second that. Food has a way to soul but only if its taste is worth it. And ''the taste'' is hard to find especially when you are away from your home. No matter how depressed you feel, a delicious food can rejuvenate and help you to make a good start. I realized this when I had my posting in Assam. The new city, new accommodation and new people. I found myself lost and lonely. The venture to a new city was not as exciting as I had thought it to be. I was quite happy with my job and company. I didn't find myself tired in the office hours until I was posted to Assam. 

Being a diet conscious made my survival even harder. I had to compromise and I hate it. By the passing time I adjusted myself in the new environment. Things were not actually that bad. My office was situated in a grand building which was a hub of big business deals, marketing and sharing departments. A perfect environment to work and to sharpen professional skills. My colleagues were co-operative. But somehow, I was still struggling with the food and especially ''breakfast''. Every time I had to eat Bootor dali and Bhaji. I was completely sick seeing the same food in my plate days after days, months after months. 

One morning I found there was no milk for my breakfast and it was too early to spot an open shop. I was totally clueless and just then an idea came in mind. Mrs. Gupta, my neighbor is a sweet person. She have been friendly and very much helping to me right from my first day. On Sundays we spend most of the time together. We nurtured a good friendship in no time. I thought of having a glass of milk from her and prepare daliya for myself. I got ready and knocked her door. She welcomed me with a beautiful smile. I must say she is very convincing. Despite of rebuking she persuaded me successfully to do breakfast at their home. 

Within five minutes she came up with a bowl of super nutritive dish. It had cornflakes, honey, almonds, hazelnuts and everything was douse in the milk. Seeing it my mouth was watering literally. It was kind of that healthy breakfast I had been longing ever since. I wanted to ask her what dish it was actually. She told me to be silent and first eat. I had a full bowl of it and felt so good after a long time.

She then told it's Kellogg's Cornflakes which being tasty and nutritive makes it her first choice to start her day in a healthy way. The corn in it is highly rich in vitamin A and it acts as a strong antioxidant. I was impressed with Kellogg's and just when I was planning to buy one for myself, she told me to have my daily breakfast with her and there are many more Kellogg's Cornflakes dishes that she would like to serve me.    

Here's the reason why I visit Gupta ji daily.

This post have been exclusively written for Kellogg's India.

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2 Token to this Friendship

  1. “Health is more important than work” I think you missed your home food a lot. Luckily, you got Guptaji’s family to take care of yourself.


  2. It is good to have Guptaji as your neighbour. Lovely write.

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