I Stood Tall

by - Saturday, March 14, 2015

Life brings up so many challenges and winning over them is not always possible. A failure may let us down but hope within should remain kindled, always. For, where there is hope, there is life. When we are in doubt, in pain or in a sad mood we feel like sharing our hearts out to feel better and see things from different perspective. In everyone's life there is someone close to heart to whom we idolize, trust and share secrets. 

In my life, it is my dad to whom I adore and love the most. He usually has solutions to all my problems. I give no second thoughts in sharing anything with him. He listens, understands and guides me on how the situation should be dealt. Since my early childhood I have been a great art lover in one or the other form. When I was ten years old I had participated in a drawing competition. It was a grand competition and students from different schools had participated. I was nervous after seeing the crowd as most of them were senior to me but still I was confident about my skills and headed towards my seat. I happily took out my crayons and started filling colors as beautifully as I could. I was a bit slow or maybe too much careful to not let my colors out of the border. And, the drawing sheet was snatched from me when I had done only half of it. I was broken and deeply hurt. It was hard for me to accept a failure. That day and for many days I cried a lot. I felt worthless for not bringing a pride to dad and a prize for myself. Dad was observing all my activities but for someday he chose to be silent and wait for me to overcome my anxiety. By the passing time I forgot about losing a drawing competition but it had surely affected my attitude towards accepting new things. I had my confidence low. It was an essay competition in our school. My teacher and classmates suggested my name for Hindi and English from our class. I denied it immediately and my teacher was disappointed after seeing my reaction. She told me to think over it, decide and report to her the next morning. I was ready with my answer, No! 

That day in evening I asked myself what's stopping me. I love to write and somehow I manage to write well but maybe I was afraid of not standing up to the expectations of my school and teachers. I decided to share my state of dilemma to dad. He smiled at first and then said, ''Those who try they have two options either they win or lose but the ones who doesn't try they have no other option except to lose''.  I was awed by his words. Believe in yourself. Give your best and rest leave everything on God. If you don't participate, it will really let me down seeing my girl walking away from challenges. 

His words weaved a magic over me and the next day I gave my name to the teacher. She was happy and wished me luck. I had a week's time to prepare. Fortunately, my essay in English won first prize and Hindi essay won consolation. It was an unexpected surprise for me. That incident changed my perspective from ''impossible'' to ''everything is possible''.   #together #lookup

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2 Token to this Friendship

  1. In our life there will be many up and downs, to overcome it we need a support. You got such a great support from your dad. What an inspirational line! ''Those who try they have two options either they win or lose but the ones who doesn't try they have no other option except to lose''. Thank you so much, Chotti.


  2. I found your blog from the list of sign-ups for the A-Z challenge.
    Loved reading about your Dad - he is a wise man! Congratulations for stepping up and facing the competition! And of course for winning!


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