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by - Sunday, March 22, 2015

Life is full of struggles. For what do we keep ourselves going through them? It's a chase towards the ''happiness''. Every one of us wants to be happy and cheerful but it is always the disappointment that mostly affect our lives. No matter what challenge life throws, all we should do is accept it positively with a smile. My nani ma's words help me to keep an optimistic attitude. She says, ''Things happen the way they are destined to be. You may plan for several things but not one of them would work until it is meant to be.'' Her words work like a booster and it instantly fills me with an utter happiness and peace. 

Happiness is all around us. Sometimes we can not find it among the chaos of life and many a times we ignore it. True happiness does not lie in having a rich legacy, having villas and lots of money. However, most of us find them a way towards the happy life. Happiness is to have people who love and care for you, the pleasure of spending some time being around nature's beauty, to laugh out loud with friends, to finish your commitments on time, warmth of affection you feel when you smile at a kid and he smiles back, the contentment of being blessed by elders and grandparents. It is there in those simple acts that have nothing to do with pretense. 

Following your heart and to have a believe in yourself are much important to find your way towards happiness. I love sketching; I take my camera every where because I enjoy capturing moments. A perfect click is enough to make my day and cheer me up. 
Copyrights @Simran Kaur My Friendship

Copyrights @Simran Kaur My Friendship

Copyrights @Simran Kaur My Friendship

   I find happiness in reading books and cooking. The journey of my cooking started with 2 minutes Maggie. Once, mom was not at home. My elder brother and I were hungry. He asked me to prepare our favorite ''2 minutes Maggie''. I happily entered into the kitchen, read the steps and prepared accordingly. In the last I added a full spoon of desi ghee to intensify its taste and aroma. When he had his first bite, he opened his eyes wide and I thought maybe I spoiled it. I asked him about the taste but he was too busy in stuffing it into his mouth. I was dumbstruck! 

Then he said, what magic you added in this? I never had such a delicious Maggie. I couldn't believe his words so I had it myself and it really tasted so well. It continued for sometime and his appreciation helped me in gaining confidence about my cooking skills. I started trying out new dishes and luckily most of them came out very well so far. 

Cooking is an art and has a close relation with love. While cooking for my family, friends and relatives I put all my dedication and love. The satisfaction it gives when they appreciate and enjoy my handmade food is matchless. I must mention that dad is an expert cook. Despite of so many responsibilities he cooks scrumptious food and there is always a great demand from my friends. It's because of him I started cooking seriously. He says, ''Cooking is expressive. It strengthens the bond and increases the love for each other''.     

Dad and I do so many experiments with cooking. I'm sharing a few of them here. 

Chole Bhature 
Copyrights @Simran Kaur My Friendship

Chettinad Egg Curry
Copyrights @Simran Kaur My Friendship

Watch this video. It might have a reason to make you happy! 

This post has been exclusively written for  Coca-Cola India .

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  1. the photos are so beautiful... and the curry is yumm... looks so tasty..

  2. i am in love with the clicks and the dishes looks tasty !! i am a maggie fan too :D happiness is reading you :) keep writing simiii :)

  3. Looks really nice - love the chickpea meal! Is a great way to feel some happiness!

  4. All the pics are really beautiful. Dishes pictures makes my mouth waters and stomach hungry. Happiness is everywhere, as you said just we need to accept in a happy manner. Love the post Chotti!


  5. Little one,

    I read this post before. I second Vidhya here. All the pics are really beautiful!

    Someone is Special


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