The Handbag Girl

by - Sunday, February 01, 2015

Handbags. Handbags. Handbags. Red, blue, green, violet, indigo, orange, yellow, pink, white and black. HiDesign, Lavie, Carprese, Baggit, Ladida, and Tara. Baguette Bag, Bucket Bag, Clutch Bag, Envelope Bag, Fold over Bag, Hobo Bag, and Minaudiere. So many colors, so many brands, so many models, so many varieties, I’ve got them all because only a girl can understand the feeling of holding a new handbag when shopping!

I hated using the same handbag more than ten times. I wanted to sell them at half price. But how could I? What a tenth grade school girl could do?

I asked the same question to my Pappa and his response was Life became easy! I posted Ads whenever I hated a handbag. Surprisingly, there were many girls loved the ones I sold at a cheaper price. It became a habit. Day by day, I met many wonderful girls, sold them the old handbags, cleared my old stock and happily bought new ones.

As they say, “There is a flipside for each coin.” I experienced it too. There were times when I used to get calls during the school hours, and the outcome was to go out of the class. I hated that feeling. I wished that I could get calls only if I was interested or comfortable to speak with and not at any other time.

Then this incident happened. I was out for a movie with my friends when I received a call from a buyer whom I wanted to report to police. He called me acting as if a gentleman, enquired about the handbag brands I had, ate my head for an hour questioning about the types, when to use what, etc., and finally revealed that he was bored at home, so he called without any intention of buying.

And there was this woman named Samyuktha, who wanted to exchange her ten-year-old handbag with a Minaudiere I posted. I felt irritated and hanged up the call. I cannot blame for these junks, but I wished was smart enough to protect sellers from invalid buyers.

“Oh My God! Did heard our wishes?” I asked myself when I came to know about Quikr NXT! NO FIKAR. CHAT QUIKR. Features like “Number Privacy”, “Chat”, “Photo Sharing” and “Chat History” are like icing on the cake!

Now I can secure my number from stalkers or bored men and invalid buyers. I can chat whenever I am comfortable to chat, not during the school hours or when I am shopping, and I can share numbers with buyers, only if I feel that they are genuine. Life becomes awesome with features like Photo Sharing. It gives me flexibility of sharing photos of my old handbags that the buyers would be interested than the one I post on Ads. Chat History is a blessing! What more I need?


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  1. You are supposed to be studying hard .. Not writing posts :)

  2. Do schools allow bringing cell phones into the school/class? Because my cousin who is in college leave back her mobile at home! Nicely written

  3. Chotti.. I have two handbags, will you swap it with me? (it's just twenty-two years old :P)


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