Pampers and Smile

by - Thursday, February 19, 2015

A woman's life change completely when she becomes a mother. A new journey starts of hers and her child sharing the most beautiful relation of love and care. And no doubt, she would love to see her baby smiling, playing around her and be healthy. With her baby a lot of responsibilities become a crucial part of her daily life's chores.

Harsimar is an adorable and super active child. She passes a cute smile to everyone she looks at. My aunt remain very careful about Harsimar's sanitation, food, toys and everything that she touches just to take it into her mouth. I was amazed to know about the fun they both share. Aunt read out rhymes and she stare at her face with curiosity. She enjoys music and start tapping her little fragile feet onto the beats. She likes ice-cream. She loves watching cartoons but not alone. She wants someone around to cuddle her.  Such a temptation lover she is! Aunt keeps us updated about her activities and all the fun they share.

Recently she paid a visit to us. I was observing on how my aunt's world revolves around her little girl. She spent a week's time here. It was when she and I were gossiping little Harsimar started crying hard. ''I don't know what's wrong happened to her. She is not active and playful as she used to be. She doesn't sleep well nor eat anything.'We got her health check up last month. Her eating habit has improved a bit but she is not that happy go child. I am afraid and clueless of what that is disturbing her.'' 

I was worried as well and so, I decided to find out the solution. I kept an eye on her behavior and routine. She was crying most of the time and even ignored her favorite ice creams and candies. She didn't have a sound sleep and for four days her noise at midnight seemed a ritual. Now one thing was sure, it's an incomplete sleep that disturbs her. Her diaper becomes wet and that irritates her enough to let her not sleep again. I suggested my aunt to change her diaper to pampers that assures one full dry night. She smiled and glowed at listening my words. She immediately bought pampers from the market and changed little Simar's baby pants. That night she slept peacefully and woke up a little late. Probably, because of so many restless days and sleepless nights. 

There was a noticeable change in her behavior and activities. She was smiling, playing, dancing and more to that, she demanded for an ice-cream. Everyone was delighted so her cute expressions and charms. My aunt was overjoyed at seeing her life back to happiness with pampers.
       Here's a Pampers video that assures you and your baby for happy mornings! 

This post has been written for Happy Hours Campaign - Pampers in association with Indiblogger 

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4 Token to this Friendship

  1. :) nice one ... and my best wishes to your aunt tooo


  2. That's a wise suggestion. Staying dry helps kids with sound sleep.

  3. A happy child keeps the entire family happy :-)

  4. If the baby was unhappy, the whole family were unhappy. Babies can cry for many reasons we need to find out by concentrating on their activities. Irritation caused by wetness could be one of the reasons. Glad we got a solution for it. Thank you, chotti!


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