My Rise Above Fear

by - Sunday, December 14, 2014

Life is the second name of emprise. In fact it is a chain of ventures. Many of them come to our way inevitably whereas; to some we invite our way as a challenge. Challenges are those tasks which you find tough and still you have courage to fight against all your fright, perplexities and hesitations. You believe that gradually with efforts will power will break the inner bond. You will not panic anymore. You will #RiseAboveFear   

I was 7 years old when we had a family trip to Kullu Manali, Himanchal Pradesh. I don't remember much about that trip but I haven't forgotten the most riveting thing I saw there was ice skating. Dad, especially to show the skating adventure took us to Rohtang, Manali. The entire land, trees, water source were covered with thick layers of snow. Unlike other places it had a crowd of people. I was shivering in my mother's arm but as soon as I saw people hijacking life at risk I was awestruck with my eyes wide open. Their dress, glasses, skates everything seemed so much fascinating. I had tempted to do that right there but I shrive, I feared doing that.
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 It was last year when we planned a trip to Kashmir. We had been to Ladakh which basically depends on Indian army, tourism and civilian government. There is an extreme shortage of water and animals in scarce. It was great to see how well the people of Ladakh have adopted themselves with the nature. The next we went to Chashme Shahi also known as royal spring was built by Ali Mardan. Chashme Shahi is indeed a beautiful place with a soothing climate. It has fresh water springs and is derived from the styles of Persian gardening. The next we hopped to Gulmarg. I had heard a lot about this place and was already so excited to explore. When we reached there I found that new place something familiar and immediately it had strike me about the trip we had to Kullu Manali some 11 years back. My eyes we glistening with joy and I was shouting like a mad. My parents were surprised to see their decent girl hooting, whistling and laughing to herself. I feel embarrass when I think of it but then it was me so open for the first time. The moments of elation I lived there are priceless.  

Snow snow everywhere... 
Rocky mountains, chill air 
Land trees and animals hidden
Cover of white snow glisten

There was an extreme rush of ice skaters. I was minutely observing their each movement. Their jumps, slide, accuracy, confidence and outfit. I watched them silently for an hour and there were many moments when my heart skipped its beat but the next second the life was back again. Yet again the same temptation arouse in me. If they can do then why can't I? The same thing popped up in my mind infinite times. Finally, I approached dad and shared my confused state. He laughed at first and told it isn't so easy and is too risky for life. The next he said, ''I want my daughter to be brave and should live every adventure that fascinates you.'' I couldn't believe to my ears. He has been very supportive in all my interests. He hired a coach for me who generally give some valuable tips to the beginners in ice skating.

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Before starting, the coach explained me about that area’s topography. Initially he helped me in making moves and within a half an hour the training was done. We did not have a longer stay there so I had to make it in the few possible hours. The coach, seeing my confidence announced that now I can skate by my own self. Again he explained me about the precautions and risks. If I lose the balance I might get a serious fracture in my neck and leg. If I fail to stop my body from slipping I might fall in a thud and even die. I was sure of no looking back and thus, I agreed that I was ready to take up this challenge. 

Before starting I said a little prayer to myself and had closed my eyes tightly. I moved slowly smoothly and opened my eyes in joy with confidence. There wasn't any support from my back. It was I, doing the ice skating. It truly seemed a dream to me. I shouted out loud and giggled. I relished this great feeling of overcoming one of my fears and proved that I too can #RiseAboveFear

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  1. Ice skating must have been exciting isn't it? :)

  2. You wrote a beautiful post, little one. Rise Above Fear.. I guess skating must have excited you!

  3. I too like skating, but never tried because I am scared and low in confidence. If we strongly believe and keep faith in us, we can do any anything. That's true. I will try skating, and I hope one day I will skate as if I'm flying on the road!



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