My resolution 2015

by - Wednesday, December 31, 2014

With the end of this year we are to move to another venture, a new year. All of us have fair resolutions to be better than we are. I looked back just to discover the points and ends I need to change and rediscover. The first thing that clicked my mind was a tablet. Most of my friends have Micromax Canvas Tab P666. The sleek body of 7.9 mm of Puritan White color. Ah! my craving to have a large screen. So, to have a Micromax Canvas Tab P666 is one among my 2015 resolutions. I want to enlighten this coming year and so, I made sure if it stands best for me.

With the advancement of technology our lives have become more dependent on gadgets. Somehow they have become a possession and a thing of self esteem when it comes to smart phones and tablets. 
Everyday I have to do long journey to reach at my workplace. During these hours where all are busy with their smart phones and tablets I am all bored and tired. I wish to kill this boredom by buying myself a Canvas Tab P666.

 I am a book lover who has not read a book in past 5 months, a blogger; who has not written even a single post this year and a gamer . Due to hectic schedule I find it hard to follow my interests. With my new tab it would be fun to journey and I will be fresh throughout the day. Yes, throughout the day, I need not worry about charging because it has a strong 4400mAh battery  and 325 hours stand by time. I have so many calls to attend from clients and luckily it has 15 hours talk time.  Isn't it fantastic?

More to this, it has Android KitKat OS. I have a great interest in photography. While travelling there are many things I wish to capture but with no camera or a smartphone I keep my this desire within. Micromax Cancas Tab has 1080p HD video with this I would be able to shoot travelling videos and 5 MP rear camera. It has 2MP front camera too and I will easily take my cool selfie and share with my friends on social networking sites. I can stay connected all the time with an efficient internet speed because it has 3g connectivity and wi-fi. It has all apps pre loaded with ample storage of 8GB RAM.

The smart look it has is incomparable. Rich graphic and fashionable at the same time. It has all advanced features at a cheaper rate as compared to other tablets. It just stand taller and most promising. 
It has all advanced features that I wished to have

What else do we need?

Here is a demo of this cool tab. Watch this video to see the highlights and to know more. 

This post is written for Happy Hour Campaign Micromax Canvas Tab P666 with Intel Inside™  in association with Indiblogger 

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  1. खट्टी-मीठी यादों से भरे साल के गुजरने पर दुख तो होता है पर नया साल कई उमंग और उत्साह के साथ दस्तक देगा ऐसी उम्मीद है। नवर्ष की हार्दिक शुभकामनाओं के साथ।

  2. Happy New Year!! A nice post on the topic. Yes, you start reading and reviewing books again :)

  3. I too suppose to get my first smart phone this year and also decided to read more books. This tablet sounds cool and advanced specific to delight!

  4. I had a wish to buy a smart phone. Lets see if this tab features will work out for me. If so I'll go for it.



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