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#Will You Shave 4

Suryansh, who had been a great scholar of his time, an all rounder and down to earth being live next to my door.  I make good understanding with elders rather with people of my age group. Soon, we were good friends. We use to play, share experiences and debate on various issues that helped me to know the world beyond my books. As I said above, he’s an all rounder but at one point he lacked- How to impress ‘Her’.

Sim, please help me …please! Tomorrow is my date with her. We’ll meet after a longtime and would say everything what I feel for her but as always I need your help to make my final execution.  He gave a demo how he’ll be expressing his intense love for her in limited words. I corrected his words and style at a few places. 
All of sudden, I said something I wanted to say to him just after he told me everything.

‘’72% women think that clean shaven men smell good. They don’t like smelly unhygienic stubble’’ 
If you’d go like this on your date she won’t even like to sit with you. That off his mood! Being true to him I’d to say that knowing how much possessive he is for his beard and moustache. #WillYouShave?

Initially he denied my request but after my long explanations he agreed with his half heart. He has faith on me and my advice. 

Next day he came directly to me after his date. His broad smile was enough to say everything.
Congratulations Bhai!
You know what did she say? I look smarter than before.''My clean shaven look bowled her over.''  She loves me too. You’re always right Sim! All credit goes to you. Thank you.

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  1. nice story and thanks for accepting my tag

  2. Good for him Little one :D Girls do not like stubble in general, but they do love it :D

  3. Because of a clean shave, a love was born! Happy for them, nice story Chotti.



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