World's Worth

by - Saturday, November 01, 2014

I wonder at the rapid flip of priorities
As if time has turned into playing cards
Waiting for exact opportunity to take over 
All that you've desired, oblivious of regards

How naturally you tend to forget them 
Once meant a world to you when you're three
No candy,chocolate or toys had fill their absence
You'd cried so hard; with them life was carefree

You grow up a little more in age and insight
Wise enough to think and reason your own
Filled with teenage and bubble lived pride
You explore your world in friends and clown

 You set up your own world of smiles and tears 
So secret and personal with feel of insecurity
When you find your trust and love crushed
Rage, madness and ignorance supersede generosity

Setting apart those brim of emotions and heartbreak
you stand up and high with all your will once again
Fight with yourself and your fears like insane 
You keep yourself occupied, pretend you aren't in pain

A lot of it has happened so far veiled within your heart
You feel the worst. Still seems illogical to share with parents
How would they react? Or will they understand you?
You presume. 

There you did mistake. Right there. In the past.
You didn't realize right and wrong, true and false
You had your parents. The world's Worth
But sad, you couldn't find their worth in the world.

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  1. "You had your parents. The world's Worth
    But sad, you couldn't find their worth in the world."

    A beautiful message here in your play of words. Parents are the best support ever :-)

  2. so wonderful <3 touching <3 really loved it simiiiiiiiiiii :) keep writing <3

    1. Glad you loved it. Thanks dear, Sachiiii :) :)

  3. In the confusion of priorities, perhaps we do. but we don't really "forget" them. We can't. I feel so.

    1. Yes Dearo.
      Not exactly we forget, we tend :)
      we forget their worth.

  4. I don’t think anyone could support like parents and there isn’t a need to drop someone if we love some other. Great poem and appropriate words to be proud about parents!

    1. We shouldn't stop loving one for the other. So true!
      Thank you so much...your words bring up a smile on my face :)

  5. Parents are worth the world... Very nice message conveyed here

  6. The message profound and precious...wonderful write-up... :-)

  7. Oh .. I love the use of words here ... I really like rhyming poems you see :)
    for me my parents are still my world, and I don't think that to be changing any time soon .... or for ever ! :)
    Lovely poem dear .. :D

    1. Glad that you realize their worth. They are blessings to us, truly :)
      Thank you so much for stopping by... <3

  8. It happens most of the times, Little One... priorities and confusions are part and parcel of life. To overcome it we need our Parents guidance :D Again, wonderfully written, little one :D


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