#WillYouShave or Not?

by - Saturday, November 29, 2014

Do you want some tea? Deepti asked. She knew I caught her smiling secretly.
Yea sure, Deeps. Do not forget my favorite cookies. 
When I was sure she has got into the kitchen I walked tip toed to read the notebook she was blushing at. I flipped pages of the notebook quickly. There were some short stories and quotations written which Deepti had showed me previously but there was something new inside. That page, with so many pink color heart doodles and a peacock feather and gosh! it had a note written too. ''My Prince Charming, my future husband would be...'' I heard the sound of her footsteps and quickly kept the notebook on the desk as she had left. I didn't want to embarrass her that a little secret of her got disclosed just now. I plugged headphone to hide my excitement. ‘’A day without you is like a year without rain’’. Hey Deeps, are you in love? I asked her at once sipping cardamom tea and biting cookies. Love? Yes, I am in love with my dream hubby. She said with a smile and shine in her eyes. Ohhh, that’s sweet, Deeps! So, tell me he’d be like? He’d be handsome, tall, fair, royal and with a heart that love me more than anything in this world. And yes he shouldn't have a stubble smelly face.
Neeraj was a scientist at JNCASR. He was rich and very handsome. He was way too frank and accepted he was in love with Deepti when he saw her in a photo. ‘’Sorry, but I am not ready to do marriage’’. She ran towards her room. Everyone was surprised why she disapproved such a wonderful proposal. I recalled our conversation. Neeraj had not only stubble but heavy beard. The reason was clear.

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