#WillYouShave- 3

by - Sunday, November 30, 2014

A true love is a love forever, Happy Anniversary. Mehul wished me planting a kiss on my face. I smiled in pleasure wanting to hug him tight. Happy Anniversary my hubby. Life has been magical with your love all these 20 years. I opened my arms to hold him tight and look deep into his brown eyes same as he did on our first night and I had blushed. We had an arranged marriage that started with a beautiful friendship. He understands my unspoken words and read heart through my eyes. I leaned towards his face to kiss him back and I stopped. Mehul! I shouted and stepped back. Your face looks smelly. My cheek got a touch with yours. It's so rough. I won't kiss you until you get shaved. He laughed hard. Reetu, c'mon don't behave like a kid. It's our anniversary. Does my face matters more to you than my heart that loves you so much? 
Who said that, Mehul? I love you inside outside, you see.  I want everyone to like you outside because inside I won’t allow. I wink and get off the bed to get fresh and prepare breakfast. While I was making sandwiches in the kitchen he came from back and hugged me tight. He came closer to my ears and murmerd ‘I love you’. I had butterflies flying inside my stomach . This time his touch was soft. I tilted my face to collide our cheeks. I did it again to feel the magic of his touch that has kept me young even after 20 years of our marriage. You got shaved, Mehul?  Yes Reetu, though I wanted to keep it and be your man but that desire is not as strong as my desire to love you. And, we kissed again. This time with full passion.

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3 Token to this Friendship

  1. Butterflies even after 20 years of marriage :D Great love story, but could not agree with you on the conversations between them.

  2. Nice post. That is a lovely story. Age doesn't matter, for a wife, her hubby is a hero.Always. And so she wants him to be clean and stubble free.



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