#WillYouShave - 2

by - Sunday, November 30, 2014

It is our third year together in JUIT where life run chasing the semesters. From the very first day Ravi has been very kind to me. He is the only reliable friend I have made. The entire college runs behind him for his intelligence but I am an exception. I don't run behind him neither he does. We walk together. Proudly, like an epitome of friendship. The entire college fuss and spread rumors that Ravi and I are in a relationship. Well, this is something very usual and I care no damn about their babbles. Sometimes, I wonder why the hell I don't feel anything for this guy. He is an ideal man. Intelligent, decent, generous and well mannered. He has everything that I wish to see in my life partner. Many a times I had caught him looking at me in a different way. I am sure of his feelings. He hasn't said anything and I wish he never say. I don't want to hurt him saying a no. Last week he requested me to join him as his dancing partner for the carnival to which I disapproved to avoid rumors. He made a puppy face bending down his knees in the college canteen. Thank God, nobody saw him doing that. I had no other option except saying a yes and I did, for a friend who has always been there. I never had cared of his looks before the last week and I promptly said, 'Eew! that smelly beard. Ravi was surprised and embarrassed to have this comment from me. You don't like it? No, not at all. At least on the face my dancing partner. My last few words made him smile once again. Okay, I will get it shaved.
Hey Sneha! He called me from back. I turned back and was surprised. My eyes transfixed at him with an utter amazement. Ravi? I can’t believe you could be this handome after a shave. You bowled me with your look. I love you.  

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  1. Ah! Great love story. Thanks for all the tag, but sadly, I could not accept them. I did not participate after the kick off.


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