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Montu Ke Saath India Bolega

#AbMontuBolega Chak De India!
In the recent years India has stabilized itself as a productive globalized nation. It has double stripped itself with arms, emanations, progress in research and science, set up of multinational companies and many more things that makes it a 'modern India'. 

We feel proud of our country's success that has left almost no challenge unbeatable but that proud feeling doesn't stay longer as soon as we step out in the streets of India
On one hand India is known for it's equality in diversity, rich culture and tradition, food and spices, history and historical monuments on the other hand it is becoming a death trap because of increasing pollution. According to WHO's survey, out of 20 most polluted cities in the world, 13 are in India. How shameful is that! 

Cinema halls, multiplex, restaurants, shopping malls all of them are cleaned and well managed. We love to visit these places again and again because of their cleanliness and healthy environment but again the happiness is short lived. As we step out of those royalties on the road full of dust, household wastes, plastics, rotten eatables it gets hard to stand there among the houseflies, mosquitoes and tolerate the bad smell. Due to this diseases like cholera, jaundice, gastro, viral, incephalitis, dengue, malaria, etc. are getting widespread affecting millions of lives. 

The metropolitan cities of India are only privileged to have a routine cleanliness.If am not wrong, Seemapuri situated on the periphery of capital city Delhi is occupied by rag-pickers. Kankad baag in Patna has roads badly constructed with mud all around,Gumti number 5 of Kanpur seems to have no dustbins on roadside, Manduadhi in Varanasi is the filthiest place.The entire area has a bad smell of hens and pig wanders on the road. 

Everyday when Montu returns home after play his mom gets worried to see his dirty clothes, tangled hairs. She fear that her Montu might get infection playing in the dirty playground and thus, she order him to stay back at home but Montu doesn't understand this. We say, today's children are India's future but despite of education they aren't aware about protecting and preserving the beauty of our country. There should be compulsory lessons added in the school course about the importance of cleanliness, problems we are facing because of the increasing pollution and solutions along with the day to day preventive measures that would make everyone's participation at the individual level.

Who actually makes India polluted? 
Uneducated men circulated everywhere with their pushcarts for selling fruits,juice and vegetables peel off fruit's skin and throw on the road, cow dung on the roads makes it filthy but what difference we made being so educated and well mannered? If we can't raise our voice against people practicing activities like spIting paan masala ,gutka, smoking that pollutes the public places. We being well educated throw things without a second thought, we do care of our everything. At the personal level we have successfully made ourselves healthy and sanitized then why not our own nation?

We clean our homes then why not street, city, district, state and country? It's time to do something for our motherland, our India. We need to take up a stand and for this. Lets raise our voices to make a difference, to make our modern India ; a Swach Bharat. Don't be a silent spectator. Start it today right from yourself and encourage others to collaborate with Montu and make his voice louder and powerful.

#AbMontuBolega  Saare Jahaan Se Accha Hindustaan Humara

What #AbMontuBolega is all about? 
#AbMontuBolega in association with strepsils is a campaign that encourages to stand up and speak against anything you find odd or wrong. Do not limit yourself to your needs. See around and raise up your voice for others and you might get another voice for yourself. Do not hesitate. If Montu can dare then why not us? #AbMontuBolega  Kyunki Montu Ke Saath India Bolega

This post has been written for the campaign #AbMontuBolega  in association with Indiblogger .

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  2. carelessness leads to all destruction! nice post


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