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by - Monday, November 24, 2014

For an amazing life, a successful career and a bright future we are told hard work is the only key to unlock the treasure of our happiness but putting our efforts at its fullest isn't enough. We need a bit of luck to change our fates. A luck that comes with a bag of surprises you always had dreamed of!

In India, there are many game enthusiasts and people who wish to earn instant money; many a times they indulge themselves in stock markets and face a huge financial loss or in illegal activities like spot fixing, drugs smuggling, jackpot, gamble and scandals that darken their future and lives forever whereas, some of us are interested but dare not participate in them.After all, everyone wants to make their all dreams come true.  

Lucky 6, a fat cat gaming is right here for you. You can earn a lot without investing a single penny from your own pocket. Confused? Is that possible in today's world where everything has a cost imprinted tags. Let me spotlight the exact feature of the game.

Playing games is always fun but what if it gets you win some awesome gifts, luxurious prizes and change your life to better all of a sudden. Curious? To start this Lucky go fun ride download the game on your android or IOS from . You need to follow some steps (image)

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Once you've installed the app in your android or in IOS register yourself there and you are ready to use it. It's a lottery type game. The Fat Cat app gives you a wide range of national and international brands to choose like Infosys, Adidas, Air France, Amazon, American Express, Dabur, Colgate, etc. For more details about the brands you can check in dashboard

You have to select any 6 brands among them and sit back comfortably. For user's ease there are sections like my tickets; you can check the list of brands you'd selected along with the ticket number,date and score. Scoreboard shows the score you earned. How to play, guides those who are new to the game. Sharing increases more chances of your winning so share it as much as possible. Every time you introduce a friend who plays lucky 6 increase your chances of winning. Make sure they enter your nickname when they sign up.
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 It all depends on your luck. There is a countdown running (each week it starts on Wednesday when Japanese stock exchanges open at 05:30am IST and ends at 01:00 am IST, when US stock exchanges close)  after which the result is declared. If the stocks of the brands you had chosen see the highest gain on the game day, you win!. You could win from large cash prizes to luxurious holidays. 

This game can prove to be a revolution in the practice of lottery as it is an advance version of it. You need not rush to buy tickets, you need not do it secretly, no payment on buying tickets and no need to keep waiting for a long time. The results here are instant. 

Everyday a new game, your new turn. People with good knowledge of business, updated with brand's progress and companies can use their wits. Apart from this, unlike lottery it gives many a chance to win.  
Fat Cat gaming is user- friendly and has a fast efficient access. It doesn't take much time in loading like other games. Version 1.2 is with improved navigation for various screens and easily fixes the bugs. 
Luck in your touch, go and get it!

This review has been written for Fat Cat Gaming- Lucky 6  campaign in association with the contest at Indiblogger.

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