Love Received

by - Friday, October 03, 2014

A post about love received and love to be shared. Recently I had been awarded by two of my good friends. Parvathy of Silent Drizzle and Vinay Leo R. of I Rhyme Without Reason. I am glad my writing inspire you. Thanks Parvathy for praising me with Sunshine and Inspiring Blogger Award.
Thanks Dearo for showering all five awards over me at once. It feels like a blessing :)
Rules are similar for all six awards received. So, accepting them together for making my task easier ;)
After all, it isn't that easy to pick facts out of you unless you ponder over!

 Rules are :-
Display the award on the blogspot.
Thank the blogger who linked you and link back to their post.
Describe yourself using the alphabet.
Pass the award to at least a few bloggers.

26 Facts about myself!! Lets proceed...

Aspiring. To be a doctor.
Bakery, I want to learn the art of making cookies and cakes
Caring, for people close to heart.
Determined. All my endeavors so far accomplished with this key
Energetic, people wonder how I manage to do so. It's the willpower. 
Friendly, I easily gel up with people
Hopeful. I always keep it alight within.
Imaginative. Most of my writings are based on the same.
Keen , to learn and try out new things.
Moody. Don't know when I'll get rid of this!
Naughty, yes I am :D
Open - minded 
Passionate about things I love
Quite, it's better to say logical and worth rather blabbering.
Reserved, at times according to the circumstances 
Singing, when I am alone I always do. 
Thinker, searching for why and what. It help me to discover a lot of things 
Underestimate, things or people I don't like I underestimate. I can't pretend. 
Venturous, I always undertake adventures.
Writer, I wish to see myself as an international writer 
Xeno, I keep strong desire to know about culture and rituals of different countries. 
Yore, can't help it as my name itself is significant of it.

I would to share this love with, Sulaiman , Red Handed and Deeps

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