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Counting Days...

Image courtesy: Dev's Photography 
We always need someone
 around us to apprehend 
To join those innocent act
 far from the act of pretend  
In my initial days, it was you,
 Accompanied my little steps
An year older than I, drop and dew 
You adore my smile and cuddle hairs 
In return I kiss on your cheek 
as an imprint of love flair
When I cry and long for a chocolate
No matter how much you love it, you sacrifice 
In the only name of my happiness and smile
I tease you for I relish to see my brother
Who's unmatched and special than others
Since my first day till now we've made 
so many memories. We still do.
All that flashes before my sight 
when you are to again leave for studies
Our study room and garden looks strange
I wish no more to play games 
I occupy myself among the books and targets
Counting the days when you'll return again.


  1. thats very touching simi :) <3 love it :)

    1. Bro too said exactly the same words after reading it :D
      Thanks Sachiiii :)

  2. a simple, yet beautiful poem from a sister to a brother :) loved it. wish you write more such poems, Sims. it had memories of you siblings and something I could relate to. but me and A always fought for the chocolate. both of us loved that too much to sacrifice ;) I sacrificed television and some other things. chocolate, nope :P

    1. Such poems will be coming more often. You can relax now ;)
      Omg!! such a great love for chocolates. I added them in the gifts list :D

  3. I really moved by the sweetness in your poem... wish I had a sister like you to share tender love :)

  4. Lovely Post.


  5. ..the love between brother and sister is the most purest form of have wonderfully depicted that through the lovely tapestry of add to that..this poem is dollops of sweetness..keep on weaving magic..little always..i love your writings..keep the flame of writing burning.. :)

    1. Ah! your words <3
      Thank you so much Rigzin :)

  6. Little one,

    You've expressed the relationship between brother and sister beautifully. The picture is just awesome!



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