Love with dearth or Respect from heart

by - Friday, July 25, 2014

After being deceived 
by the destiny and people
I turned to the
 gracious world of nature to tipple
The nectar of wisdom, 
kindness and optimism  
I have heard people saying
''do what inspires you''
And so, I decided to sow 
a seed of palm, a sacred belief
For its leaves are an epitome of
 peace,triumph and delve  
The process of germination 
has always been inspiring to me
While nourishing it I found myself 
nourishing and growing
It taught me a lot of things like
 the way of life
First we are dependent
and later on we alone strife
The morale and mannerism 
parents rendered with
Have to carry on with 
own choice and insights 
The palm leaves were there 
in my garden standing tall
I planted one in the realm
 of my better half 
To get myself up 
as many times as I fall 
I did, so many times!
Not because I could not
 gel up easily or adjust 
 He meant a world to me
 and he didn't respect
Everyday he come home 
drunk,tipsy and unconscious 
Cling me in his arms
 tightly, kiss and 
love me passionately 
Unaware of how painful
 his passion is to me. 
I smile faintly in tears.
When his thirst is quenched
 he throws me at the 
room's corner, naked
He blames me
 for his blunders, 
oversight and abatement 
I listened and tried best
 to understand his grief
 until he wasn't wild
It was hard to decide whether
I want love with dearth or
 respect from heart
The dearth of love was bitter
 than its sweetness.
 Thus, I chose respect
Palm also signify of eternal life
 with which I wanted
 to bless our relation
I stood up once more, to fight!
 I fought hard to make him realize 
''You endeavor all that you wish 
from your true heart''
He is still mine not just with love
 but with respect too
''Love without respect 
is always fleeting but
that respect could grow
 into real,lasting love''

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  1. This is so difference from what you usually write. And well, you did take upon a difficult subject, but I loved how you executed it. Very well expressed, the words evocative and true ... lovely write :-)

    1. Yes, a different flair I tried. I already had pre thoughts about respect Vs love so it was easy to put them into words :)
      Glad to read those appreciating words. Thank you so much :-)

  2. i guess respect gradually evokes love...

    1. Yes, that is what I conveyed through this poem :)

  3. Love without respect... is that love? I really liked this one. Some great thoughts here. Last few lines in bold are simply awesome.

    1. It is actually a matter to ponder over. It is up to the individuality's priority. I wrote this after a bit of survey. Many of the people chose love with no respect. So, you see....everyone with different vision.

      But I agree to what you said. Of course there can't be love without respect.
      Thanks a lot Namu :-) <3

  4. Replies
    1. Was waiting eagerly...
      Thank you, Dearie :)

  5. बहुत प्यारा लिखा है अंतिम पंक्तियाँ ज़बरदस्त

  6. Truly agree! Well conveyed the message dear

  7. You write really well and convey your thoughts beautifully.

    I do think love can exist without but it is something no one should aspire for, as love is not the only emotion in the human-spectrum-of-emotions.


Either positive or negative comments are good because it shows I am still relevant. Hope you enjoyed reading here:-) !!