Learn from them

by - Sunday, July 20, 2014

You love someone selflessly
Then why you always do hard to prove it?
It is a fact that can be easily known
but we don't pay a bit of heed to it
Or, maybe it isn't true truly
But we have mastered ourselves as pretenders !
That makes every real thing fake 
Please don't do that with love 
Let it bloom in preen for God's sake
As we grow, our world grow
But this heart? It concise itself 
with strangeness, fear, anger,ego 
A muddle between heart and mind
Where greed supersedes, not always!
I see, those little cute babies 
Heart smiles at once looking at them
They wish to get the entire world
everything! no matter good or bad
Because,unlike ours, they have a big heart
Enough to love, care and share with everyone
Their innocent heart perceive the world's grieve
They do not pretend and thus, they need not prove
They teach us more than what they learn from us
But again, As we grow, our world grow
But this heart? It concise itself 
with strangeness, fear, anger,ego 


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  1. The last few lines made me realize so many things little one :)

    Someone is Special

    1. I am happy that my words left an impact on you and made you realize things... :)
      I am joyous to have you here after a so many days...Thanks dear :) :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you so much Cifar for appreciating thoughts :) :)

  3. lesser questions asked less troubled our conscience will be...
    nicely wrought :)

    1. I agree :)
      Thank you so much, Deeps :)

    2. by the way, they are my books :)

    3. That's awesome!! :)
      Is any of them available as an ebook?

  4. We have conditioned our heart to accept the fakeness present in the world ... time to clean our souls and love the world in its pure self :-)

  5. खुबसूरत अल्फाजों में पिरोये जज़्बात..

  6. Yes, kids are better than grown… but the well known being us, who are in response to enhance those preciousness does not act fair. Great thoughts Simran

    1. Hmmm, that is all what happens that shouldn't be. Thanks dear :)


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