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by - Sunday, May 11, 2014

When you become confident enough about yourself and your skills then a high time comes when develop a keen desire to show it to the world to grace their hearts with art and your heart with others' praises. Something very similar in my case too. Blogging and its great people ( My dear friends and readers) exposed the hidden talent in me. I always wanted my poems to get published but somehow I wasn't getting a reach to the right people until that day.... April 02, 2014 when my poetry ''The Night After The Storm'' got published in Writer's Ezine Magazine . That's the first color added to my dream at the age of's beautiful, alluring....a beginning towards my dream :)  
Magazine in print is available on & Flipkart

''God has better plans for us than ours.'' Another poetry on April 24, 2014 ''An Untold Story'' got published in Fragrance Magazine  which added sparkle to my just coloring up dream. A desire within to achieve something keeps one going and while that if you get an encouragement, support, happiness in your uplifts to to greater heights. There is a lot to do to make a lot, to make it in real.  

Published in WE September 2014 issue

My Poetry got Published in novel ''Bizarre Emotions'' 2015
Available @ Flipkart

Three of my poems got published in ''Rhymes and Rhythm'' 2015
Co- authored story got published in ''A Little Chorus of Love'' 2015

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