Just Be You...

by - Wednesday, May 28, 2014

I heartily welcome to one of my most dearest friends, Leo of I Rhyme Without Reason as a guest writer.

Whether it's about a fiction or a poem; Leo has a great art of expressing irrespective of writing styles or theme. I love reading his stories written with such an ease and innocence. He perfectly do justice to each of his compositions. Apart from this, he is a great person with excellent humor and down to earth. 

I am confident that very soon he'll be a well known name in the writing world (other than blogging). May this happen soon. * Fingers crossed *

He, directly or indirectly, teaches me, corrects and inspires me. You are a true friend, Leo. Thanks a lot for being there. I request you all to visit his wonderful blog to read some beautiful,worth and heart touching rhymes that comes naturally, stories that gives you reason to smile and to shed off worries. Following words from Leo ...

Be the one you feel you are,
not what others tell to you;
there are people you know
believe that you to be true.

Cook up a dish you love to,
that brings that lovely smile;
with that smile you can get,
someone to smile a while.

Do what makes you happy,
be with who makes you so;
listen to some joyful songs,
that your heart does know.

When you are really happy,
on your lips, let that show.
A song, a smile, that helps
no matter where you go.

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15 Token to this Friendship

  1. Your friend is really good with words..plain and simple..liked it..

  2. good to see @Leo's poem on your blog @simran .... Simple yet powerful lines.... :-)

  3. A very sweet and simple poem. Its so true that little things in life makes us so happy :D

  4. how true! simply healing poem... thanks for sharing and introducing Leo. let me check him :)

  5. Nice composition,I have also read his many stories ,he is admirable

  6. lovely simran :) just made me smile :)

  7. He is right, just be yourself. Lovely poem.

  8. Hi all, thanks for appreciating my poem :)

    @Ranita, Parvathy, Sulaiman, Valli, Jeevan, Cifar, Sachin and Saru.

    And glad that Sims asked me to be part of her space :)

  9. Beautiful poetry dear :)


  10. Today should be one of my lucky days - got to meet two of my favorite bloggers at one space, Wow! Thank you so much, Sims dear :) and beautiful poetry, Leo as always - the thoughts they convey are the best. :)

  11. @Arti, well, we're lucky too. we get to read your thoughts on our thoughts on a newly rechristened Our Friendship :D Glad you loved the poem :) We do love to hear from our celebrity bloggers u see ;) haina Sims?

  12. Little one is lucky to have Leo as Guest Writer. Wonderful poem Leo :)

    Someone is Special

  13. Rojer that! I will try to be happy and be myself :)
    Inspiring words

  14. I am searching for that poem on friends also dedicated to me I want to comment here! Please share the link.


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