Four Secretive Walls

by - Sunday, May 18, 2014

Away from the usual rushing crowd and customary 
So as to attain solace and delve something new I seek solitary
Where I can freely imbue my thoughts, deep feelings and realization
The creeping urge of it within has refined my life's interpretation 
It has stowed and extended me to a different visionary world 
Where you read and perceive different stories without hurled 
Insensitive to rest of the crowd it confronts in shades various
Like this, I've read many of the secret stories ; Anonymous!
Peeping through the lane, my eyes wander to embrace and pertain
Entrancing a picturesque behind the four walls and curtain
There are so many four secretive walls all around me  
Conspire a perception, the same moment could be of grief or glee
Those split seconds bless birth to someone and takes away someone's life
My sight clutches their encountering vibes vary from refrain to strife 
Some of them screams aloud to get my attention and empathy
But then, a realism overtakes; Am no one to interfere and I turn apathy

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  1. hmm... defines the keen observant side of you :)
    P.S I hope your exams went well. Mine ended last friday. I have been missing youQ

    1. Yea :)
      I love to observe things hidden from others' sight. Done with exams another one to come :P
      Awww..same here. Missing you a lot!!!

  2. Realism overtakes.. well its good to live in realism :)

    lovely poem


    1. I agree :)
      Thank you so much dear

  3. wow...nice poem n lovely pic too...
    my recent one :

  4. I wish plagiarism wasn't a crime, else I would have surely stolen your words :-p


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