Craziest thing I did not to miss out a match.

by - Thursday, May 15, 2014

There was a time when CRICKET ''a wooden stick hits a ball game'' used to sound the weirdest thing to me and now it's something that can make me go craziest in the world. Earlier I used to have fights with my elder brother to watch cartoons. Since, he is elder to me so most of the time I had to follow his instructions. I in order to prove that still I haven’t lose :P and nothing can stop me from watching tv I used to sit there and stare at the screen with no idea of the game. Somehow that was a beginning or my first interplay with cricket.

My father too is a great fan of cricket. Whenever there are big matches he invites all his friends at home to experience the nail biting moment and enjoy delicious snacks made by mom. 2007, T-20 World Cup’s final  India Vs Pakistan match I count as one of the most exciting moments in my life. The last ball of the game was like Do or Die. I wanted India to win anyhow and we won. I had tears in my eyes. My family members and uncles were shouting out loud, dancing, laughing, discussing about each and every ball. That day, I realized the beauty of this game. The perfect zeal it gives can be found no where.

Cricket gave me a true friend. Surprised? Hmm...let me tell you.
 Gunjan was the only girl in the entire 7th grade who loved cricket. I didn't know how to start the conversation so I started with the cricket knowing well she would happily give response to that.The same happened. Her eyes were lit up and I was getting joyous to see her interest. Next day she herself came to me to discuss about the previous day's match. Whenever we had a free time in school we would talk about the previous- upcoming matches, strategies and records. Time came when our friends refuse to sit with us just because they were totally fed up of listening to our same blah blah! 

Now it is a high time to share the most craziest thing I did not to miss out a match. Whenever my exams come dad refuse to get recharge out our TV plan. He knows, despite of all the pressure of exams I'll be not able to resist myself to let go a match unseen. I am no less :D
What I did... I simply convinced my mother with an excuse that few of the pages from my notes are missing and our teacher  remarked them as very important for tomorrow's exam. I'll simply ask Gunjan for notes, get them photocopy and without wasting any time I'll be back to home. She thought for a while and said Ok.

Gunjan, I've come here to watch today's match Ind Vs Aus but please don't let my mom know of this. Her eyes didn't lit up listening to cricket this time. What happened? 
'' Simran, my parents too have strictly warned me not to watch any cricket matches until our exam gets over.'' That's a real shit, Gunj!  I felt disappointed and dejected. But you know I still want to watch the match anyhow and that too with you. Are you with me, Gunj?
Yesh, I am with you. Tell me your master plan she said giving me a high five!
Aunty, We need to buy an NCERT Physics to go through the topics. Time is so less if we will read from our side book we won't be able to complete even a single topic properly. Please allow Gunjan and me...
Ok Ok I allow you both but keep it in mind you shouldn't make late and wander here and there unnecessarily. Ok promise aunty. I said with the cutest possible smile.

Our motive was not to miss the match but still we didn't have idea how to. If we would go to our friends' home then their parents will do our complain and we will be easily get caught. There is no chance of going to their home. Hmm.. then?
On the way we found a big television showroom. There were many LED TV's kept displaying match on star cricket. That's our way, Gunj. Lets go! It was fun watching our favorite thing on a big screen. Suddenly the owner of the showroom interrupted us and asked about our interest in a particular brand. Uncle, actually our dad has told us to wait here until he comes. We are interested to buy one from your shop. He'll be here anytime. I said so, so that he keep patience with us that we are his profitable customers. We were in form...totally lost in the game.Unaware of where we were. Soon, we found the owner of the showroom was also taking interest in listening to our views and guesses. After an hour he again asked about dad. We realized it was getting too late. Uncle I received a call from dad he is busy with work. We will come here tomorrow. With our tricks and smart excuses me convinced our moms but the real shit was yet to happen in the exam hall. Something we didn't want. Those 3 hours seemed hardest to be passed.   

Someone is Special insisted me to write for this contest

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  1. Lol...v interesting post n u knw my hubby love watching cricket...He is a big big fan...I alwyz says spend sometime with us but what he do he goes n check his phone n checking all highlights in written n pretending he is checking something on phone..ha ham.i do love cricket but sometime not all the time..hehe..

    My recent one:

    1. Glad you find this interesting :D
      Hahah...that's so cute and I must say he is too smart at following his interest :)
      Cricket is something once you get into you can not come out of that zestfulness. Thanks for such a lovely comment.

  2. ah ha the cricketing adventures ... you know i once missed my exam just so i cud watch the match and after that , my dad had a match with me .. his hockey stick and my body as a ball :)


    1. Leaving an exam like that needs a lot of guts... I don't have.
      Glad to have you here Biks dear :)
      Stay around.

  3. Cricket cricket cricket...crazy game. I am a huge fan of Sachin and I have done this many times :) The best of all is I went to Food Court in Total Mall, Madiwala, Bangalore, bought a Channa Batura, ate it for three hours, so that I could watch Sachin play.. He hit 175 runs in that match, still India lost the match against Australia by three runs.

    Someone is Special


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