Dragon Drubble

by - Friday, April 04, 2014

Out of my bedtime stories
On a one fine day 
A real wild dragon confronted
His eyes searching for prey

I was alone and scared
 hugged my teddy in despair
My heart skipped its beat 
Giant beast came with blare  

Mom says, smile at fear
 I smiled through my eyes
Soon his anger eluded away
He looked calm and wise   

I asked out his name
To which he answered, Drubble
His voice was so grave
I insisted, I won't trouble 

Even I won't. He said
Your innocence calms me down
I need a promising friend
Please accept. Do not frown

Dear Drubble, I promise you
I will be there always
Vow, you won't come out
People will kill you, flay 

Composed for A to Z Challenge

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  1. Bea-uuuuu-ti-ful, Sims :D Absolutely cute, and the beat would be so pleasing for a child who reads it out loud. Loved it. Loved it!

  2. The melancholy of innocence speaks here...!

    - Rahul

  3. So, beautiful. The kiddish beauty!!! :)

  4. soooo beautiful....simran u r v talented sweetie
    keep it up

    my recent one :http://www.cosmochics.com/reviews/mac-lipsticks-review-swatches-of-candy-yum-yum-lickable-amorous-riri-woo-mac-taupe-russian-red-rebel-craving/

  5. Feel Iike I've watched a beautiful cartoon story. Lovely one Simi!

  6. कुछ सिखाती समझाती कविता...... बहुत सुंदर भाव

  7. The dragon makes a cutie pie friend(simran) at last. :D
    I enjoy fiction and poems written from the perspective of imagination by a child. You did a good work here simran.

  8. Wonderful Poem @Simran with a really unexpected ending... Nonetheless I enjoyed reading it :-)

  9. Beautiful work! Nice child story in poetry, teaches kindness :)

  10. This is so so sweet!! Beautifully crafted. Can be a lovely rhymes for kids...:)

  11. ..wow Simran..a good one..the dragons in the fairy tales we grew up reading have been part of our childhood...a child's imagination stretched beyond boundaries coz of these stories..but after we grew up these dragons died..coz of the bigger real dragons in life..we are busy chasing life..but these childhood memories n stories always linger within that child in us..
    ..keep writing.. :) ;)


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